Multicultural Services

Director's Welcome

Hanover College would like to welcome you to Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Haq Center. Multicultural Affairs and Hanover College prides itself on Family and Community so we sincerely welcome you.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is to serve as an advocate for minority students to educate our community about other cultures and the interdependence of our world. OMA is to promote meaningful cross-cultural experiences both on- and off-campus for all members of the college community. We are committed to recruiting and retaining all students. Through academic, co-curricular, diversity, equity, and residential opportunities for international learning and experience. We seek to develop deeper knowledge of global issues, greater skills in intercultural interaction, and tolerant attitudes conducive to cross-cultural understanding.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsors a number of programs and services that are designed to cultivate retention, scholarship, intellectual engagement, and cultural awareness. We encourage all students to be involved with Multicultural Affairs to experience a Cross-Cultural Education. Hanover College welcomes you.

Taran McZee
Multicultural Affairs
Haq Center-Lynn Hall