Voices of Hanover

Voices of Hanover is an exciting initiative designed to educate, reengage and inspire each of Hanover College’s supporters – alumni, Presidents’ Club members, students, parents, faculty/staff, trustee members and friends. Through the Voices project, each of these supporters will be invited to share their Hanover College story via a written narrative, a personal interview, a photograph or video. Each of these stories will be added to a comprehensive archive. And each of them will be shared with the Hanover College family via this website, educational resources and special mailings.

Why Voices?
Human beings love stories.  We have a long tradition of storytelling that began with simple tales around the campfire and evolved over the years to include songwriting, live theatre, radio, movies, television shows, YouTube videos... the list goes on and on.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of hearing Hanover’s supporters – particularly our alumni – talk about their Hanover College experience. There has never been a formal process for gathering those stories, through, or making sure they are preserved and shared. These stories educate us about our alma mater’s history.  Sometimes they make us laugh.  Sometimes they make us cry. But they always hold the power to bind us together, and they each capture the distinct Hanover College Experience.

We are collecting them now because, quite simply, we have a great story to tell and we want to provide an outlet for those who are willing to share. We believe these stories will serve other purposes, as well, as they allow alumni and friends to reconnect with the college, deepen their relationship and remember why the Hanover College Experience is so valuable.

How can you participate?
It’s easy! Choose one of the storytelling methods below, or contact us with your own idea!

Please contact Ellen Bare, Voices Project Coordinator, at 812-866-7007 or bare@hanover.edu.