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If you’re looking for ordinary, Hanover College is delighted to disappoint. Our students start companies, create social movements, and examine wildlife in the wild – and that’s just while they’re here. After they leave, they join a powerful alumni network of high achievers, with connections to jobs and educational opportunities in every field.

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"It was an incredible experience. This was a growing experience and although the trip was short, I have become a better player from it." Check out what else Mallory Fogus of the women's lacrosse team had to say about her recent trip to Australia!
With summer slowly coming to a close it is time to highlight our summer research students.Up first Monique (MO) Huynh who worked with Dr. Pretorius:This summer I worked on identifying two mosquito subspecies, Culex pipiens pipiens, and Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus, that are morphologically identical and reside in southeastern Indiana. I used molecular techniques targeting two genes, COI (mitochondrial) and ACE2 (nuclear), to differentiate between the subspecies. Both subspecies of mosquitoes are of interest because Culex pipiens are disease vectors for West Nile Fever.
That's the beauty of Hanover, from A to Z. Explore the new Hanover College viewbook:
Charters of Freedom monument dedication set for Sept. 19 in front of the Lynn Center for Fine Arts:
2017-18 Enrichment Series offers headliners from print, web, music & film | Tickets available 9/1 #HanoverCollege
WOW! Alumna ('99) Deborah E. Kennedy's novel Tornado Weather made it into Oprah magazine's list of "Ten Titles to Pick Up Now" and has just received a great review in the New York Times:
Come out and celebrate Hanover with Hanover College, Southwestern Schools, and the Town of Hanover! September 2nd from 1p-5p. Live music, food, tours to visit Tinker the T-Rex, and free entrance to the first Hanover College Football game of the season! More details here:
Proud to keep the St. Francis School connection going! Pleasure having Jose Adan this summer. Wishing him the best as he heads back to Hanover College to finish his degree.We know he's headed for big things in the future!
#T2Tuesday!NSWC Crane recently entered into an Education Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Hanover College. EPAs allow scientists and engineers to work with such entities to enhance STEM education and allow for equipment loans, assistance with STEM course development, guest lectures and demonstrations, workshops for teacher and students.#TechnologyTransfer #EPA #HanoverCollege
Congratulations to the four individuals that will be inducted into the Hanover College Athletic Hall of Fame this fall! What a well deserved honor for our former Panther standouts!
#MajorMonday is back! This week we are highlighting the Psychology program.At Hanover, psychology majors study human behavior and the mind. But unlike any other school, students will design and conduct their own research projects at least four times in the course of their studies. Learn more at: you a psych major?
Professors Philipp and Cunningham are excited to brew beer with our alumni and community members today! 🍻 #hanovercollege #homebrewing
Madison’s Ceaton Bowman is pretty serious about baseball and even more serious about pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering so when Hanover College began offering engineering starting this fall the opportunity to stay close to home and play the game he loves was an easy decision.
Brynn Durecki, the lead actress in “John the Lion” (a short film from recent Warsaw HS graduates), will attend Hanover in the fall:
The sun sets over the Long Administration Building...another beautiful day at Hanover College! 🌄 #HanoverCollege #HanoverLife #thatsthebeautyofHanover #liberalarts
Class of2019 Reilly Hester and 2008 Graduate Cedleih Chase (sp) meet 2,300 miles away at Treehouse Point in Fall City Washington It's a small Hanover College world.
Thank you to all of the interns for sharing their summer internship experiences at the Hanover College BSP Intern Breakfast this morning! A special thanks to Chuck Summers for hosting and planning!
She may no longer be running on the track for Hanover, but 2017 graduate Savannah Hubbard may have found her next calling. Find out how she got into bobsledding and how well she performed at a combine event a few weeks ago!
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