Abigail Satow ’21

Abigail Satow poses outside on a bench

“I came to Hanover because I was only looking at small liberal arts colleges because it’s very similar system to my high school (a small Montessori school). The Montessori education focuses on creating well-rounded people who are driven by their passions and practical learning. My high school experience was shaped by an ability to pursue an education that was tailored for my interests, letting me learn the material while seeing how it could apply itself in my future. I think that the liberal arts is higher education version of that.”

-Abigail Satow, Humans of Hanover in 2018

From New Albany, Ind., Abigail Satow ’21 has survived the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic and has taken the time to reflect on her journey at Hanover College. While her time has been split between normalcy and not, Satow is grateful that so much of her time at Hanover has been uninterrupted.

Staying involved on campus kept her busy but full of purpose: “[I am thankful] I was able to engage with the community and make connections in ways that we can’t this year.”

Through her four years, Satow has been a leader on campus as a Benjamin Templeton Scholar, choir member, resident assistant (RA), peer mentor and executive member of the feminist club. During her senior year, Satow maintained her job as a Senior RA for the GOTCHA staff, acted as a member of the Templeton Advisory Board, joined Mortar Board and continued in the Templeton Program.

A black and white photo of Abigail Satow outside

Satow has made a lasting impact as a mentor for other students on campus: “I think I really like the role of someone who can introduce people to the resources they need to do their job really well. And getting to interact with a lot of people in new settings, be it First Year 101 or as new RAs, I’ve very much enjoyed that. I think a lot of mentorship, especially on Hanover’s campus, is definitely an intermediary role of getting people to the person that can help them best.”

About making her home at Hanover, Satow says, “I thought Hanover was in line with my philosophy on education in that it sought to produce well-rounded students. Additionally, I went to a truly tiny high school and Hanover’s size was smaller than a lot of schools that I felt a bit intimidated by while also being much larger than my high school.”

She finds her inspiration in the Office of Student Life: “My co-workers from Student Life are just lovely people who are always there to support and encourage you while being really impressive students and leaders themselves.”

Through academics she has thrived, earning Dean’s List honors, 2nd place for the 2021 Edward J. Hamilton Essay Prize and the 2021 M. Anwarul Haq International Studies Award. “The academics [at Hanover] are just so good, so fulfilling. I am really grateful for such wonderful classes and professors.” As a student, Satow was fortunate to be able to attend the Student Conference of United States Affairs at the U.S. Military Academy as a delegate with a group looking at Refugees and Migration.

An international studies major with double minors in anthropology and theology, Satow is eager to explore the world. While the pandemic prevented Satow from studying abroad in India, she is looking to the future, where she hopes to be attending graduate school abroad and working in the international community.