Fall 2021 COVID-19 Policies

Female showing off vaccination sticker

Hanover College will be face-to-face again this Fall and is committed to providing a safe campus for students and employees. We are also excited to return to a less-restrictive campus environment.

However, for Hanover College to operate as close to “normal” as possible, it’s important that we achieve the highest possible COVID-19 vaccination rate. Given medical and religious exemptions allowed by law, it is impossible to achieve a 100% vaccination rate for any vaccine, even if required, including COVID-19. But we want to get as close as we can! 

Millions of people have been safely vaccinated and are now enjoying the peace of mind of knowing these vaccines are extremely effective at preventing COVID-19 altogether or minimizing its effects. As part of a community, we all must do what we can to protect each other; including getting as many people vaccinated as possible. 

To guide our efforts for the Fall Term, we are providing the attached documents that lay out our COVID-19 policies for students and employees beginning August 1st. It is important to note that the policies are based on current information and the status of the pandemic and are subject to change. As with any policy, it cannot address every possible situation