Ten future scientists presented the results of their eight to ten week research projects to an enthusiastic audience of more than 50 faculty, parents, students, alumni and staff at the first annual Summer Research Fellows Symposium held Dec. 5 in the Science Center.

Made possible through the support of alumni donors, Summer Research Fellows design and conduct lab and field studies in their disciplines. Spending the summer months working along-side faculty mentors , the Fellows are able to apply and extend their knowledge, learn research techniques, analyze and interpret data, and acquire the skills and traits of a successful scientist. All Fellows subsequently present to or publish their work for state, regional, national and even global audiences.

Past and present Summer Research Fellows have parlayed their experience into acceptance in rigorous graduate programs, researchand careers.

Summer Research faculty mentors include:

  • Dr. Brian Gall, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Angus Lamar, former Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Dr. Glene Mynhardt, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Craig Phillip, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Dr. Pamela Pretorius, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Darin Rubin, Professor of Biology

The symposium would not have been possible with the generosity of the following:

  • Michael E. Berend ‘88
  • Phil Bibb ‘63
  • Wade Clapp ’77 and Nancy Swigonski
  • Howard’61 and Irene Fisher
  • Jeff ’97 and Kristi Durst ’98 Goodwin
  • Arvin K. Rao ‘97
  • Paul ’67 and Sharon Malone ’68 Rider
  • Rich ’64 and Sandy Nice ’64 Scamehorn
  • Normund Auzins ’92 and Bonnie Stewart
  • Harold K. Voris ‘62

Student presentations

Amelia L. Smith (Class of 2015; Crestwood, Kentucky)

Kari L. Spivey (Class of 2014; Springfield, Missouri)
With Dr. Brian G. Gall
Complex predator-prey interactions between the Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) and invertebrate and vertebrate prey within their native range

John M. Dunn (Class of 2016; Louisville, Kentucky)
With Dr. Pamela R. Pretorius
A role for pax2e in craniofacial development of zebrafish

Emily K. Lessig (Class of 2016; West Chester, Ohio)
With Dr. Glené Mynhardt and Dr. Darrin Rubino
Diversity of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) infesting decaying wood

Evie K. Sehr (Class of 2015; Bedford, Indiana)
With Lindsay N. Beasley, Kurtis W. Wilson, and Dr. Brian G. Gall
Learning potential in Spotted Salamander larvae

Lindsay N. Beasley (Class of 2016; Batavia, Ohio)
With Dr. Glené Mynhardt and Dr. Pamela R. Pretorius
Investigation of generic variation among populations of Dermestes

Rachel E. Turner (Class of 2017; Greendale, Indiana)
With Dr. Darrin L. Rubino
Using tree rings to date an historically erected building in Fountain City, Indiana

Lindsay N. Taormina (Class of 2016; Midland, Pennsylvania)
With Dr. Craig Philipp

Kegan T. Mixdorf (Class of 2016; Zionsville, Indiana)
With Dr. Craig Philipp

Trevor L. Chapman (Class of 2014; Noblesville, Indiana)
With Kari L. Spivey, Jennifer M. Lundergan, Evie K. Sehr, and Dr. Brian G. Gall
Only fear the fatal foe: Predation risk assessment by eastern newts (Notophthalmus) in response to common snapping turtles and other potential predators