President Lambert's statement on U.S. immigration ban

Hanover College recruits students from around the world and makes admission decisions without regard to an applicant’s religion or national origin. At Hanover, academic ability and personal character are what matter and we oppose immigration policies that would limit the College’s ability to recruit talented students to our campus.

We welcome the world to Hanover - the entire world - and we promise that students who come here will be prepared for careers or advanced study, leadership in their communities and lives of purpose and meaning. Restricting student access to higher education because of their religion, country of origin or undocumented status is against our values and it imposes a hardship on the institution as we seek to recruit young people.

Hanover must follow the law, and in accord with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we will not divulge personal information, including immigration status and country of origin, about our students (or our employees) to outside groups or law enforcement without a court order. We will also stand together as a community in support of all Hanoverians and oppose discriminatory actions that would affect a targeted few.


Lake Lambert, Ph.D.


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