Film festival flyer

Hanover Goes Hollywood Documentary Film Festival, spotlighting local events and organizations, will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 23, at the Ohio Theatre in Madison, Ind. The public is invited and admission to the festival is free.

The event, sponsored by the Hanover College Student Broadcasting Association, will feature three headlining documentaries. Following the screenings, a brief question-and-answer session will be held with the various filmmakers.

See the county come together to reject hate and display unity and love in the short film, “Triple K: A County United.” In the work, Hanover junior Carson Bailey takes viewers to the middle of the action as Jefferson County community members respond to the Sept. 24, 2016, Ku Klux Klan rally in Madison, Ind.

“Faith in Friendship: The Ulster Project,” a travel and educational documentary, follows the journey of a group of Hanover students as they explore Northern Ireland and learn about the Ulster Project, a peace and reconciliation program.

Directed and produced by Elizabeth Winters, assistant professor of communication, the film seeks to foster understanding by bringing Catholic and Protestant teenagers to the U.S. for an intensive month of community service, discovery sessions, worship and social activities. For many of these teens, their participation in the Ulster Project marks their first time to meet kids from “the other side” of their nation's sectarian divide.

“Rounding First: 25 Years of Wiffleball” is a sports documentary that briefly surveys the history of Hanover’s annual month-long Lambda Chi Alpha Wiffleball Tournament. Written, directed, and produced by three senior members of the fraternity, the film follows two Hanover wiffleball hopefuls as they attempt to uncover the magic that makes the tournament significant to the students and alumni of Hanover College, as well as the hungry families who are benefitted by the charity event.

Hanover Goes Hollywood will also include additional short documentary pieces screened throughout the night, including: “Mad About Madison,” a promotional video that celebrates local businesses; an informational video about how indoor track and field events differ from the outdoor versions in the sports, a promotional video for women’s lacrosse and even a television sitcom pilot.