Dr. James Bany
Assistant Professor of Sociology
B.A., Pacific Lutheran University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

"What has been all-consuming for me the past couple months has been the off-campus course in Jamaica that I am teaching. It’s a really proud moment for me because when I was in undergrad, I took an off-campus course in Jamaica about the sociology of Jamaican societies. And that’s where I truly became aware of issues of race, global inequality, and social justice advocacy. I grew up in a very homogeneous, white community, so that moment was very pivotal for me as a person, also knowing that I wanted to teach and take students on that trip one day. My professor from that class sent me all of her materials, and it’s been 2 years of planning. I’m really looking forward to taking Hanover students. Jamaica is a really dynamic place with a vibrant culture as well as a lot of real issues that the students will be exposed to. It’s going to be very transformative...I can’t wait to get them there."

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