Asumi Oba
Class of 2018
Art history major
Member of art club, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, the 2018 Distinguished Award in Art History winner, the 2017 Art History Writing Award recipient
Curatorial Intern at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

"Oh yes, I did change at Hanover…I have learned a lot about my career, but the biggest thing was finding my love for art history, because I never thought that was something I would be passionate about when I graduated high school. I also became more confident in myself. Coming from a foreign country, it was difficult to come here and find a balance of values and culture, but I think I learned, after I joined a sorority, you can keep some of the values from your home country, while learning how people interact here, and learning how to build relationships with people from a different background. That learning process gave me a better idea of who I am in a global context."

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