Joselyn Kaleimakamae Evans-Bautista
Class of 2018
Elementary education major
Member of Hanover College Ministries, student ambassador

"Jenny Siepler Moss '06, who is in the Business Scholars now, used to do what Jane (Inman Stormer '04) does, so I met her at a program for native students. And actually, I didn’t want to go to college, but I said: ‘Alright God, I don’t want to go to college, but if you want me to go you’ll make this, this, and this happen.’ And then it all happened. Then I was like, oh, okay, I guess I am going to college. It’s funny because I thought I was going to a Harvard presentation, but it was actually a Hanover presentation. I guess I wasn’t being attentive. I saw the H, A, and the R, so I thought it was Harvard. And I was so excited to go to this Harvard presentation and I went to the Hanover presentation, and it was really neat. Jen just told us about her experience and what the college has to offer and where it is, but really from that presentation I heard her saying, ‘My friend picked Hanover by randomly picking on a map.’ And that is kinda how I did it, too."

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