Jane Stormer
Class of 2004; M.F.A., University of Cincinnati
Studio art and art history double major, two-time winner of Greiner Art Competition and Purchase Award
Senior Associate Director of Admission at Hanover College and international recruiter

"Hanover can feel very sheltered, but when I came here from South Carolina, it was very different from where I grew up. It was a whole new world for me. It’s easy for me to say I know I grew a lot here. My senior superlative in high school was the quietest and now it’s my job to talk to people. As far as preparing me to succeed in the world, Hanover taught me how to work hard and to know what I wanted to work for, but also gave me the travel bug through study abroad. And I’m still not done. It set me up to travel, learn about different cultures, and be successful in unfamiliar spaces … and to not be afraid. That’s a big thing. It was a big leap for me to come here and leaping is just what I do now."

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