Courtney Williams
Class of 2019
Communication major, Business Scholars Program
Career Center Peer Mentor and Ambassador, Member of CORP [Culture of Recovery Partnership], Member of Phi Mu Fraternity

"What I would say to the Hanover community is tied to my favorite Bible verse: ‘Though the mountain may crumble, you will not’ (Isaiah 54:10). And so, I think while college brings a lot of good times, but with the good times comes the bad. I think that we, as students, tackle a lot of obstacles and a lot of problems, whether it's with academics or relationships or athletics. We're constantly facing adversity and I think that it's important to just keep in mind that with a struggle or an obstacle, comes a brand-new day. If you're down, you've got to get back up and keep going. Life will go on and it will be okay! I think it's also important to smile and laugh at least once every day. I think when we do this, it will make others smile and when they smile, you're probably going to smile back, too. That's probably the one overarching thing I would say: the mountains may crumble, but you will not."

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