Leadership - Goal Setting - Topical Interests - Navigating Challenges - Community Engagement - Responding to Discrimination

What is the common thread throughout these words? Well, it might be hard to discover, so let me help. These words are used in Hanover’s admission process for students who apply test optional.

You might be asking what is test optional? This is a process by which applicants withhold their SAT or ACT test scores from the admission process. In lieu of these scores, Hanover’s admission committee requires test optional applicants to answer a series of six questions, in under 100 words, about the topics listed above. This process gives the admission committee a window into an applicant’s lived experiences and provides a deeper understanding of their level of preparedness beyond high school GPA and SAT or ACT test scores.

Could applying test optional be right for you? At Hanover, we believe in the holistic admissions approach; a complete applicant review, not just GPA and test scores. Realizing not all students thrive in a high-stakes, test-taking environment, we value the entirety of the student who is applying for admission. This is not to say other institutions do not, but Hanover’s campus community provides countless opportunities for students to be successful and find their niche while not being limited by a test score result. The admission committee considers a student’s coursework, high school context, high school grade trends, personal statements, letters of recommendation, interests and activities outside of the classroom. Hanover College is mission-driven in holistic review and grounded in data-informed analytics to help identify students who are looking for the transformative experience offered at Hanover.

Some higher education researchers will refer to this process as a non-cognitive assessment. Hanover’s process is simply meant to be inclusive for all students who find value in the educational and co-curricular experiences Hanover College has to offer. Our test optional process affords the admissions committee the opportunity to assess applicants holistically; therefore, identifying “best fit” students who will not only find their place here academically but thrive in our environment as well.

As vice president for strategy and enrollment, Chris Gage serves to guide the institutional enrollment objectives and strategic plan in consultation with all stakeholders. Gage is an experienced enrollment professional with progressive leadership responsibilities at Hanover College.