Emmy Award-winning actress Laverne Cox’s Feb. 7 speaking engagement at Hanover College has been cancelled. The cancellation was deemed necessary due to changes in filming and production commitments.

Refunds will be automatically provided for tickets purchased in advance.

The Hanover Enrichment Series continues this winter with two unique guests. Acclaimed social commentator, author and educator Dr. Michael Eric Dyson will examine “In Caricature: Racial Profiling and Its Impact on Black America” during a Jan. 24 presentation on campus. Comedian and former “HQ Trivia” host Scott Rogowsky will visit Hanover March 13 with his combination of stand-up and a quiz-show competition featuring members of the audience.

Michael Eric Dyson

Dyson, a sociology professor at Georgetown University, has had a profound effect on American ideas and was named one of the 150 most powerful African-Americans by “Ebony” magazine. A two-time NAACP Image Award winner, he has appeared on nearly every major media outlet and is a contributing editor to “TIME” magazine. His National Public Radio program, “The Michael Eric Dyson Show,” delivers thoughtful analysis of today’s biggest stories from pop culture to race relations.

A former welfare father, factory worker and pastor, Dyson has authored 19 books, including “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America,” which was a finalist for the Kirkus Prize. His November release, “Jay-Z: Made in America,” provides an in-depth look at the recording artist’s impact on American culture.

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Rogowsky was named one of the 25 most influential people on the internet by “Time” magazine in 2018. He gained a cult following as host of the popular daily mobile trivia game “HQ Trivia,” garnering appearances on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Today Show.” His notoriety continues to rise through viral videos like “Fake Book Covers on the Subway” and “Mother’s Day Lie Detector.”

Scott Rogowsky

A talented writer and producer, he has interviewed more than 400 celebrity guests for his self-produced talk show, “Running Late with Scott Rogowsky.” He has produced for “Debate Wars” on Seeso and “Crowd Goes Wild” for Fox Sports 1, and also written for “The Onion News Network” on IFC and Comedy Central’s “Onion SportsDome.”

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General admission tickets for appearances by Dyson and Rogowsky are now available online through Eventbrite and hanover.edu/arts. Seats cost just $20 each for adults, while tickets are free for students of any age and any school.

The Hanover Enrichment Series is presented by Tricia and Will Hagenah, with additional support from German American Bank.