It was a gut feeling that brought Amanda Butler ’20 to Hanover.

Amanda Butler

A biology major with double minors in psychology and kinesiology and integrative physiology, Amanda explains, “I only visited Hanover once after talking with the basketball coach and that was all I needed. I came from a small country town and a small high school and I wanted a tight community and a school where I would get individual attention. That is exactly what I found at Hanover. It felt like home and I immediately fell in love with the campus and the people.”

And the relationships she’s built through basketball and with her professors has made Amanda’s experience rewarding: “Everything that I thought I would get from this school is exactly what I got and the relationships that I have built with people here have allowed me to succeed in ways I truly would not have elsewhere.” Through these relationships, she was able to become the first Occupational Therapy student in the externship program at KDH, the local hospital in Madison.

While a busy member of the women’s basketball team, this student-athlete also finds time to work in the Office of Admission. Amanda spent two years as a student ambassador before becoming an intern: “It is my job to talk with prospective students, answer any questions they may have and share why I love Hanover. Between basketball, the admission office and school, there is not much time for anything else.”

If you’re ever at Hanover for a visit or overnight stay, which she recommends to feel the community and love that permeate the campus, Amanda advises that you head over to the Shoebox: “Hanover's best-kept secret is the milkshakes.”