Summer online class offerings

Hanover College students who wish to fulfill major or general degree requirements, or who need credits toward graduation, will have online options this summer. The College will offer two five-week terms with select classes taught by current faculty members.

A course in the first session is also open to Indiana residents who seek special education certification.

The first summer session will be held from Monday, June 1, to Friday, July 3. The second session will run from Wednesday, July 8, to Tuesday, Aug. 11. Students are limited to one course per session.

In addition to the select courses for current Hanover students, the education course “Special Education Law and Policy (EDU 254)” will be open to Indiana residents interested in receiving additional certification.

Tuition for a summer course costs only $975 per unit. No institutional financial aid is available.

Registration for the summer sessions is available from Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 27. For information, contact Hanover's registrar at or (812) 866-7051.

If you are not a current student, contact the admission office at or phone (800) 213-2178.

SUMMER TERM IJune 1-July 3
COM 212: Introduction to CommunicationInstructor: Valerie Young
EDU 254: Special Education Law & PolicyInstructor: Dustin BaileyOpen to Indiana residents for additional certification
SUMMER TERM IIJuly 8-Aug. 11
COM 164: War and Upheaval through FilmInstructor: Rachel Davidson
EDU 231: Education Law and EthicsInstructor: Dustin Bailey
KIP 323: Medical TerminologyInstructor: Miriam Pittenger


COM 164: War and Upheaval through Film

Analysis of films at the levels of message creation, audience response, and social impact on issues such as war, race, religion and gender. [Partially satisfies the HS CCR. Satisfies the W1 ACE.]

COM 212: Introduction to Communication

Examines a broad spectrum of communication concepts and issues in modern society. Directed at students with an interest in the discipline of communication.

EDU 231: Education Law and Ethics

Overview of the legal framework affecting the organization and administration of public schools, including liability, financing, bargaining, student and teacher rights and curricular freedom; professional ethical decision-making, teacher conduct, and policy analysis are all explored.

EDU 254: Special Education Law & Policy

Basic educational rights of students with disabilities alongside teacher and school legal responsibilities with a focus on the five main principles that form the basics of special education law: Free appropriate public education, least restrictive environment, parent and student participation, Individualized Education Program (IEP) and due process protections.

KIP 323: Medical Terminology

Comprehensive review of medical terminology centering on word parts, Greek & Latin roots, word construction, suffixes and prefixes. [Prerequisite: KIP 230.]