Meet Bo Sims ’21. You may know him from his record-breaking Irish dancing, his leadership roles on campus, or from his time as the Panther mascot.

Bo Sims

With his eye on studying environmental biology, Bo says, “I knew I wanted a campus that would actively engage their environmental studies with the outside world. I learned that Hanover did a lot of hands-on outdoor labs and I saw how much the campus was surrounded by a natural environment. Being right above the river, having over 650 acres of woods, and a lot of hiking trails and waterfalls to explore really excited me and drew me more to the school. Then I learned more about the science programs here and saw how well-versed they were amongst other schools in Indiana.”

From there, Bo has taken on any opportunity he could on campus, and he advises that other students do the same: “There are so many chances to get involved on campus whether it is with a club or work team. You are going to be able to meet so many genuine, hardworking and like-minded people that your experience at Hanover will have a huge impact on your life for the better.”

He worked in food service his first year, then became employed as a Resident Assistant and a Student Ambassador, and became involved with the Athletic Event Staff. Bo also stays busy in the Business Scholars Program, as a member and Philanthropy Chair for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, the President of Circle K Service Club, the Vice President of Green Panthers, and a member with the Campus Activities Board.

Bo explains, “On top of all of that, I am a collegiate athlete, however, I am not an athlete through Hanover. I am a competitive Irish dancer and have danced for the Richens-Timm Academy of Irish Dance for the past 16 years and have achieved Regional Champion twice, and am currently ranked 10th in the world.”

Here on campus, Bo is thankful for his friends; he calls them his biggest motivators. He says, “They are always pushing me to be my best self and achieve my goals. Especially when I get down, they are always there to pick me up and support me whenever I need them.”

He continues, “What keeps me at Hanover is definitely the people and relationships I’ve built since coming here. I have met my absolute best friends, I have created fantastic relationships with everyone I’ve worked with in a professional setting, and made really good relationships with my professors. Being able to have such a community feel so close-knit was important to me when looking for schools, and once I found it and got myself nestled in it, I did not want to leave.”

Those relationships with professors are key to a successful career at Hanover, Bo explains: “Hanover’s best-kept secret has got to be the student-professor relationships. I know it can sound cheesy, but, I have been able to cultivate a relationship with each of my professors in my three years here and it has been so beneficial because not only does it make asking them for help easier but they get to know me and are able to speak on my behalf when I need them to do so.”