Madeline Sappenfield

Reflecting on her Hanover College experience, Madeline Sappenfield ’20 found her way here because “something was capturing about the way the campus feels when you first arrive. I hadn't thought about going to a private liberal arts school until I decided to visit, and I knew there was something special about this place. I knew I would make friendships and find new pieces of myself locked away in places that you don't find at big state schools.”

On a daily basis at Hanover, Sappenfield was usually busy with different homework and projects, something she was never short of as an international studies major, environmental studies minor, and member of the Business Scholars Program (BSP). When she wasn’t busy with school work, she could be found working with the Student Advisory Board for BSP or adventuring around with her sorority sisters in Chi Omega and bonding with them!

“There are so many opportunities here, but it's the friends I've made that have kept me at Hanover. I know I would not have found the people I've grown closest to anywhere else other than here; I feel like I've known them my whole life, and I know I will be friends with them long after my college days,” she says.

Sappenfield has also connected with her professors: “The people who inspire me most are my professors. They are constantly learning and finding ways to increase their knowledge. Dr. [Ken] Bevis is someone I especially look up to; he's one the best professors I've had and the length of his knowledge of our planet is something I admire greatly. He's aware of the current conditions of the planet that I also relate to, and his pursuit to educate himself more is something that motivates me.”

Through her major, Sappenfield was able to travel and explore national parks out west: “I've had a love for the outdoors since I can remember, and the chance to not just see the Grand Canyon but hike down into it was something unlike anything else and an experience that not many people in the world participate in. There's beauty in learning and experience, and I was lucky enough to see the beauty and learn about the geology of the Grand Canyon and its history.”

She has turned her love of the environment into her major and now, her career path: “My career goals consist of joining an environmental organization that betters our earth and its policies. From the development of sustainable housing areas for those who don't have the means to transformation of techniques and practices we do daily that will improve the state of our planet. I chose this because I'm passionate about the land we live on and the people we share this planet with. We have one life, and I'm privileged enough to live a life where I don't experience the level of suffering that millions of others do and I want to use that privilege and education to better the lives of others and our planet for future generations.”

Sappenfield concludes with, “Hanover's best-kept secret is the emotions it creates. You can ask anyone that after a few days of break, they're already ready to be back on campus. Hanover makes you excited to see your friends that first day you move back in. Hanover makes you never want to forget the nights you spent at the wiffle ball field during May Term. Hanover creates authentic emotions to a point where you never really want to leave, no matter how much you think you do along the way of your four year experience.”