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In addition to the challenges posed by the coronavirus, our nation is facing significant unrest as a result of continuing racial injustice. The nationwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd – and so many others – are stark reminders of how far we have yet to go to achieve racial justice. As Hanoverians, we must recommit ourselves to this cause.

While there is much to do as a nation, there is also much we can do as a college community. As I have said many times, Hanover College seeks to be more diverse and inclusive, but we must acknowledge our failures as well as our progress.

Although we cannot change history, we can confess it and learn from it. We can do better to welcome and support ethnic and racial diversity, diversities of sexuality and gender identity, neurodiversity, religious diversity, first-generation college students, the diversity of physical abilities, and working-class families.

For months, we have been working on Hanover College’s first Diversity Action Plan. A draft will soon be shared with the broader community for input and reflection. In it we will name concrete actions the College will take over the next one to three years to work for social and racial justice. But we know this vital work has no end date.

The pursuit of justice must be wide-ranging, but it begins with work within the learning community that we love. Thank you for supporting the changes needed to make Hanover College a more welcoming place for everyone to belong. And thank you for engaging as citizens in the pursuit of justice for all.


Lake Lambert, Ph.D.