Washington Monthly ranks Hanover high in value

Washington Monthly magazine has ranked Hanover College 17th in its list of "Best Bang for the Buck Colleges" among institutions of higher education in the Midwest for 2015.The list, part of the publication’s annual college guide, takes a different approach to ranking the nation's colleges and universities while exploring with industry experts what's right and wrong with American higher education.

Hanover ranked third among Indiana colleges, besting Indiana University Bloomington, Earlham College and Purdue University. Organized regionally, Hanover placed in the top 100 in the Midwest.

Washington Monthly’s “Best Bang for the Buck” ranks colleges that are doing the best job of helping non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices. The five metrics used to judge the schools include student loan default rate, graduation rate, graduation rate performance, percentage of Pell Grant students and the net price of attendance.

“By opening their doors to more low-income students who qualify academically, colleges with Pell enrollment deficits could make a significant dent in helping more high-achieving, low-income students graduate from college,” said Mamie Voight, co-author of the story and director of policy research at the Institute for Higher Education Policy. "If more universities worked to increase their Pell enrollment, far more high-achieving, low-income students would stand a fighting chance of earning the college credentials they need.”

1827 Service Challenge

From day one, Hanover encourages students to reach out and serve the communities in which we live. President Lambert wants to embrace that tradition by challenging all Hanoverians (alumni, students, employees and friends) to complete 1827 hours of service prior to his inauguration Oct. 3.

What can you do to help? Let us know how you help others in your area. Do you teach Sunday school, serve at a food bank, volunteer with the PTO, coach little league sports or collect items for troops overseas? Let us know about it so we can share your good deeds with your fellow alums and friends. Submissions will begin Sept. 10 and will end Oct. 1.

Post the name of the organization you serve, the number of service hours, a photo (if possible), along with the hashtag #HCserves to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Not on social media? Just email your info to and we’ll post it for you on our website,

Current students, please report your hours on MyHanover starting Sept. 10.

Education department earns national recognition

Having earned re-accreditation for the next seven years under the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards earlier this year, Hanover College’s education department has just received national recognition for individual programs in secondary English language arts, secondary social studies and elementary education.

The department received this distinction after a review completed by specialized professional associations in association with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) as part of the site visit made in spring 2014 for the re-accreditation process.

“Faculty, staff, students, alumni and advisory board members all made significant contributions to the NCATE review process and on-site visit in spring 2014,” said Stephanie Philipp, Hanover’s director of teacher education. “Our task now is to the transition to the new CAEP standards and processes, and take advantage of CAEP’s capacity-building opportunities.”

Hanover’s education department admits about 20 teacher candidates each year, using a selective process of application essay, faculty recommendations, minimum GPA of 2.5 and passing entrance test scores. Three full-time faculty members prepare approximately 20 graduates each year in both elementary and secondary education. Last year, 75 percent of Hanover’s education 2014 graduates were licensed and employed in full-time teaching jobs, while another 15 percent pursued advanced degrees.

In the future, providers accredited under NCATE standards, as well as those accredited under the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) Quality Principles, will undergo review by CAEP, which is the single specialized accreditation system for educator preparation in the U.S. More than 900 educator preparation providers participate in the CAEP accreditation system.

Hanover continues to rank high among top U.S. colleges

Two of the top college-oriented publications in the U.S. continue to include Hanover College among the nation’s best. Survey-based rankings in publications from The Princeton Review and Forbes magazine have each lauded Hanover in such categories as most beautiful campus, quality of education and student experience.

For the 11th consecutive year, The Princeton Review has named Hanover one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education. The New York-based education services company features Hanover in its guide, “The Best 380 Colleges – 2016 Edition.”

The publication features two-page profiles of the selected schools and the results of an 80-question survey completed by 136,000 students that ranked colleges in 62 categories. The varied areas included criteria such as “best professors,” “best campus food” and “happiest students,” among others.

Hanover ranked 19th for “most beautiful campus” along with citing its academics, admission selectivity and financial aid packages. The College totaled 89 of a possible 99 points in its academic rating, 87 points for admission selectivity and 80 points in financial aid.

“I’m delighted by the survey results in these two publications,” said President Lake Lambert. “Hanover College strives to give its students an outstanding educational experience, and we are also committed to keeping Hanover affordable. These results indicate we’re doing our job.”

Students in the survey hailed Hanover’s campus life, calling their classmates, “well-rounded, smart and very friendly” who know how to deftly “balance a healthy social life with a strong academic focus.” An elementary education major noted, “Hanover brings out the best in us,” while another student said, “I don’t think anyone could be bored here.”

Additionally, students ranked Hanover’s professors high, giving them a total of 93 points, with one student calling them “amazing.” They also noted the college’s small class size and lack of teaching assistants.

“The Best 380 Colleges – 2016 Edition” is currently available at newsstands. Information is available online at

Hanover ranked 238th — up from 276th two years ago — in Forbes’ eighth-annual ranking of “America’s Best Colleges.” The information, compiled by Forbes and the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, ranks 650 undergraduate institutions based on quality of education, student experience and achievement.

The college also ranked 175th among U.S. private colleges, 49th in the Midwest and 172 among grateful grads, which looks at the median amount of private donations per student over a 10-year period.

Appearing in its July 29 issue, the magazine offers financial grades running from A-plus to D based on a nine-part formula it created. The formula takes into account factors like the level of a college’s dependence on tuition and the size of its operating surplus (or deficit).

Forbes’ “America’s Top Colleges” is available online at or at local newsstands.

Private Week offers tours, first-hand experiences

Hanover College will participate in Indiana Private College Week, July 20-24. During that period, Hanover and Indiana’s 31 private, non-profit colleges and universities invite students, parents and others interested in the college selection process to experience the personality of each campus through tours, informational sessions and conversations with students and staff. All activities are free of charge.

Each day during the week, Hanover will host a group tour of the campus beginning at 10 a.m., followed by an admission presentation at 11 a.m. There will also be an afternoon session with the tour starting at 1 p.m., and a presentation at 2 p.m.

Indiana’s private colleges encourage and welcome visitors throughout the year, however, this concentrated week offers students an opportunity to visit as many campuses as they would like without missing school.

Recruitment experts Ruffalo Noel Levitz have reported findings that prove the campus tour is the most influential element in the application and enrollment process.

Visitors between the ages of 16 and 20 touring ICI campuses during Private College Week will have the chance to enter a drawing for either a Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad mini tablet. Entry forms and rules will be available at each campus.

Dean's List honors announced for winter-spring terms

Congratulations to the following students who have attained Dean’s List honors for the 2015 winter/spring terms. To qualify, students must be enrolled full time and earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Class of 2015
Carrie Alexander
Mustafa Almajedi
Kate Armstrong
Ronald Baker
Twisha Balasubramanian
Derek Bast
Sarah Bates-Scott
Caitlin Bischoff
Slaton Blickman
Hannah Bowen
Sarah Brocker
Kaylie Brown
Alex Brueckner
Eliza Bui
Emily Bumgardner
Maddie Burger
Natalie Campbell
Becca Carss
Colin Cobb
Lauren Cousineau
Atalee Cummings
Bailey Davis
Alyssa DelPrete
Carissa Dempler
Austin Duncan
Mackenzie Dye
Katrina Easley
Jamal Edwards
Ivana Eiler
Mina Enk
Annabelle Goshorn-Maroney
Cameron Graca
Mathew Grau
Spencer Hadley
Nolan Hall
Erin Hancock
Brianna Harlan
Sarah Hasewinkel
Trafton Holder
Alicia Hopkins
Megan Hopkins
Kyle James
Coty Johnson
Daquisha Jones
Garret Kingston
Kaitlin Knapp
Katie Knowles
Nate Kremer-Herman
Alex Lantz
Andrew Laubner
Nicole Lewis
Matt Loria
Sarah Love
Jesse Macgruder
Austin Mann
Jordan Martell
Amanda McCauley
Jenny Merritt
Molly Mersmann
Kent Miller
Taylor Miller
Jessica Mills
Jordan Moseby
Edwin Nartey
Felicia Nguyen
Tanner Parker
Alex Peck
Vince Peiffer
Mary Lawrence Phillips
Lyndsey Ritchie
Megan Robinson
Aly Sander
Lauren Schultz
John Seewer
Evie Sehr
Drew Servais
Rachel Sieg
Erika Slifer
Vaughn Smith
Kayla Snabl
Grant Swenson
Brandon Swihart
Brad Taylor
Jacob Tebbe
Alyce Trimpe
Alisha Turnbow
Rachel Walcott
Tricia Walsh
Amanda Waltz
Jingyi Wang
Holly Watson
Matt Weber
Logan Wells
Caleb Williams
Kurtis Wilson
Paige Woods

Class of 2016
Yuding Ai
Rachel Alvis
Mais Alwan
Ashlee Arbaugh
Christopher Ares
Lindsay Beasley
Caleb Beidelman
Jessica Below
Nicole Blevins
Libby Bower
Kay Branham
Cat Brassell
Nick Brunner
Brianna Cherry
Reid Clark
Sara Clute
Megan Collins
Meagan Davenport
Caroline Dearborn
Kaleigh DeBeck
John Dunn
Joe Feldmann
Emily Fellows
Alex Forward
Hanna Foster
Meghan Fox
Shawn Franklin
Gara Gaines
Erica Gansbauer
T. J. Gerking
Ryan Hackbarth
Megan Hackman
Alec Hamaker
Alison Hanlein
Hannah Hart
Maddie Hartman
Cody Hatfield
Payton Hickerson
Bailey Hinton
Maggie Huffer
Mariah Hutchinson
Megan Insley
Kelsey Johnson
Kendra Johnson
Kay Kemp
Caitlyn Kennedy
Ben Kugler
Leah Lahue
Monica Lamirand
Jenna Larson
Dakota Lawson
Emily Lessig
Jenna Lewis
Shaina Lin
Sarah Line
Chelsea McCurdy
Paige McGuirk
Megan Meyer
Savannah Mitchell
Roxi Morris
Jenna Newton
Ali Nicholson
Courtney Odle
Dani Olson
Hannah Palmer
Jackson Pollock
Jessica Poston
Meagan Redmon
Jacob Redmond
Korby Reed
Rachel Regenauer
Wes Rittman
Hannah Rockenbaugh
Sarah Schmidt
Jack Schoening
Katie Sharits
Rachel Smith
Charles Snodgrass
Hannah Taylor
Kallen Terry
Kiley Thomas
Travis Thompson
Anni Titchenal
Lindsay Upchurch
Michael Van Kleunen
Chen Wang
Hannah Wehmeyer
Kaitlin Welch
Hayley Wigman
Tori Wilson
Justin Winkler
Zhuyu Yao
Angelo Yeomans
Han Zaw
Alli Zimmerman

Class of 2017
Shelby Adams
Naren Agarwal
Sima Altal
Chris Amstutz
Rachel Anderson
Hilary Appiah
Courtney Barber
Flavia Barbosa
Jacob Baumann
Carly Bentz
Huestina Bista
Madeline Bogan
Marguerite Boone
Mattie Borders
Michael Braun
Haley Brown
Kinsey Brown
Hannah Buit
Maddie Burdick
Miriam Cahill
Madison Conway
Michaela Corbin
Anna Cornacchione
Jana Dajani
Taylor Davis
Bekah Dickmander
Rebecca Duke
Ashley Eden
Valdemar Bjoern Engel
John Fawbush
Brittany Ferrell
Mia Maili Gasakure
Sarah Gawronska
Kelly Gehlbach
Jace Gentil
Brooke Glahn
Walker Goodbub
Ben Hamilton
Lucile Hamon
Mackenzie Harvey
Kylie Hawks
Jimmy Hogan
Sydney Hornsby
Savannah Hubbard
Samantha Isaacs
Diane Jackson
Erika Jervis
Micayla Jones
Wilda Knecht
Jessie Lamb
Kirby Lantz
Gaby Leith
Kim Litchfield
Courtney Markland
Taryn Mayer
Samantha McCain
Mal McElroy
Tessa McShane
Celia Menke
Emily Miller
Evan Miller
Molly Miller
Callie Monce
Allison Mruzek
Kyle Mundon
Linh Nguyen
Eric O’Risky
Deborah Odihi
Marian Orozco
Michael Pauly
Emily Perry
Megan Richey
Gabby Ritchey
Olivia Robinett
Naoki Sawahashi
Katie Schmidt
Cassie Schoborg
Max Schroeder
Katie Sherrod
Jack Simon
Elaine Simpson
Hannah Slover
Haley Spalding
Destini Spicer
Mackenzie Spicer
Layne Taylor
Trent Taylor
Cami Trachtman
Hoang Van
Cam Veach
Vivian Waddle
Elizabeth Wagner
Azia Watts
Class of 2017 – continued
Alex Weeden
Morgan Werner
Haley Witt
Ana Zapata

Class of 2018
Bailey Allen
Daliah Altal
Karen Annese Granger
Carson Bailey
Zach Barnes
Will Bridgeman
Allie Brooks
Taylor Browning
Caroline Brunner
Julia Bursova
Thomas Doering
Madeline Elkin
Victoria Ellingsworth
Emily Ertel
Joselyn Evans-Bautista
Leah Faber
Josh Ford
Bailey Garey
Jennifer Gilly
Madison Grimes
Mikhaila Hamilton
Sakib Haque
Katie Hedge
Cassie Hendrickson
Fernando Hernandez
Tara Hommema
Bennett Hood
Cara Hoskins
Ashley Krininger
Katie Lents
Taylor Lineberry
Hannah McElroy
Caroline Miller
Darien Miller
Shelby Moore
Tara Nastoff
Elizabeth Nellis
Asumi Oba
Joe Rector
Mickey Reeves
Jake Rugen
Abigail Schad
Chris Schlenker
Jessica Schonegg
Douglas Seals
Stephanie Simpson
MaCayla Smallwood
Parker Stayton
Immanuel Umoren
Kassidy VanGundy
Mitch Walrod
Bryn Wigney
Natalie Williamson
Garrett Wilson
Hannah Woeste
Jose Zapata

Felipe Ferreira Andrade Do Carmo

Steinman to lead cross country program

Anna Steinman has joined the Hanover College athletic department and will lead the Panthers’ men’s and women’s cross country teams. She will also work with Hanover’s track & field program.

Steinman comes to Hanover after serving two seasons as an assistant cross country and track & field coach at Salisbury University (Md.). While at Salisbury, she instructed the Sea Gulls’ distance and middle-distance runners, as well as providing support for recruitment, strength and conditioning and meet management.

In addition to her work at Salisbury, Steinman also served as a sports-performance intern at University Orthopaedic Associates. In the role, she created programs for individuals returning from physical therapy, assessed imbalances and injury risk and set training programs for distance runners.

Steinman also continues to compete. She completed her first marathon in November, turning in a time of 3:05.09 as the 86th overall female to finish in the 2014 New York Marathon.

A 2013 Salisbury graduate, Steinman earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education. She will complete work on a master’s degree in applied health physiology this month.

While a student-athlete at Salisbury, she was a four-year member of the cross country and track & field teams and twice earned all-Capital Athletic Conference honors. She served as a team captain for both squads, was a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and worked as a student-athlete mentor.

Steinman is a member of USA Track & Field, the national governing body for track & field, long-distance running and race walking in the U.S., as well as the American College of Sports Medicine and Garden State Track Club.

She holds track & field technical certification through the United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.

Dietz, McKay, Green headline honorees

Senior athletes Brooke McKay (Carmel, Ind.) and Josh Green (Beaumaris, Australia), along with former football standout Brett Dietz, highlighted award recipients at the Hanover College Athletic Honors Banquet. The annual event was held in the Horner Health & Recreation Center.

Dietz, a 2004 Hanover graduate, was inducted into the College’s Athletic Hall of Fame. McKay and Green were named Hanover’s outstanding senior female and male athletes, respectively.

Dietz spent time as a member of Hanover's basketball, baseball and golf teams, but made his mark as a quarterback for the Panthers' from 2000-2003. He helped Hanover win three Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference championships and also earn three berths in the NCAA Division III national playoffs.

A two-time all-Heartland Conference selection, Dietz led the nation in total offense in 2003 with 380.5 yards per game. He also set school single-season records with 575 attempts, 360 completions and 4,031 passing yards.

He eventually closed his collegiate career ranked third in Hanover career touchdown passes (67), fourth in career completions (583) and fourth in completion percentage (61.6%).

Dietz played professionally in Finland before moving to the Arena Football League, where he later became the first player to earn rookie-of-the-year awards in the AFL (Tampa Bay Storm, 2007) and AFL2 (Louisville Fire, 2006).

McKay led Hanover's women's golf team to back-to-back Heartland Conference championships and appearances in the NCAA Division III national tournament in 2014 and 2015.

A four-time all-Heartland Conference honoree, McKay earned four top-five finishes in the league tournament. She was the HCAC's medalist as a sophomore and junior. She also placed second as a senior after falling in a playoff.

McKay played in a school-record 68 tournaments and earned medalist honors a program-record 18 times. In addition, she holds Hanover's 18-hole (72), 36-hole (148), 54-hole (246) and 72-hole (322) records and also set the school's single-season scoring average mark this year with 79.09 strokes per match.

She was 21st overall to help propel the Panthers to a 12th-place finish in the 2015 NCAA III championship. She led the squad to a 15th-place finish in the 2014 NCAA tournament.

Green played three seasons as an attacker with Hanover's men's lacrosse team and has, additionally, been a punter for the football squad for three seasons.

A two-time first-team all-conference selection in lacrosse, Green established Hanover's career record for goals (121) and also set the Panthers' single-season records for goals (48), assists (35) and points (75). He also holds the program's single-match records for goals (10), assists (eight) and points (13).

As a senior, Green led Hanover in scoring with 75 points and also tallied 47 ground balls and 13 caused turnovers. He scored a team-leading 40 goals and added his school-single-season-record 35 assists.

Green earned second-team all-Heartland Conference honors for the football team in 2014 after averaging 39.2 yards per punt. In his three seasons on the gridiron, he has averaged more than 38 yards per punt, with a career long of 69 yards. He has 16 career punts of more than 50 yards and landed 36 inside the 20-yard-line.

Individual honors were also presented during the honors banquet to junior Reid Clark (Greenfield, Ind.), senior Frannie Larson (La Grange, Ky.) and senior Austin Duncan (Pekin, Ind.).

Clark, a three-year member of the Panthers' men's tennis squad, became the first recipient of the Bill Griffin Mental Attitude Award.

Larson, a four-year high-jumper on Hanover's track & field team, was presented the Mildred Lemen Mental Attitude Award.

Duncan, a thrower, received the Glen and M.J. Bonsett Track & Field Award. He has also played four seasons as a lineman with the Panthers' football program.

Team academic awards were presented to Hanover's men's and women's cross country teams.

The women's cross country squad earned the Dean's Award, given each year to the team with the highest grade-point average for the academic year. The unit, coached by Josh Payne, posted a 3.37 grade-point average.

The men's cross country team received the Faculty Athletic Representative Award, given to the team that has shown the most improvement in its collective grade-point average. The group, also guided by Payne, raised its grade-point average .46 from the 2013 season.

Hanover celebrates 182nd Commencement

Hanover College celebrated its 182nd Commencement, Saturday, May 23, 2015, in an afternoon ceremony at The Point on Hanover’s campus. The 245 graduates of the class of 2015 are the most diverse in school history.

The day began with the traditional Baccalaureate ceremony. Along with an address by Hanover President Sue DeWine and speech by senior speaker Cameron Graca (Rineyville, Ky.), the College conferred a bachelor of arts degree in honor of Benjamin Franklin Templeton, the first African-American to attend Hanover (1832-1836), but who did not complete his studies. Nearly 180 years later, the College wished to celebrate Templeton’s legacy as a trailblazer and invited his four-times great grandson, Sean Edward McKissack, to accept the degree in his ancestor’s memory.

Also graduating were the first seniors from the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program, which awards full-tuition to high-achieving students dedicated to social justice, tolerance and diversity. The inaugural class includes seven accomplished leaders who represent five academic majors and more than 20 national and campus-based organizations. All of the senior scholars have participated in project-based internships, while six scholars have also studied abroad. For more information about the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship Program, visit

Panthers close NCAA with record round

The Hanover College women’s golf team closed the NCAA Division III Championship with a school-record round of 314 and finished 12th overall in the four-day event. The 72-hole tournament completed play Friday, May 15, at the Mission Inn Resort in Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.

NCAA III Championship leaderboard

Hanover's 314 in the fourth round was 28 shots better than the team’s previous record of 342, set during the third round of the 2011 tournament. The Panthers, which moved from 15th place to 12th with the final-round effort, totaled 1,353 strokes (347-349-343-314) in the championship.

Senior Brooke McKay (Carmel, Ind.) fired a four-over-par 76 in the closing round. Her score stands as Hanover’s lowest individual round in its three tournament appearances.

Juniors Erika Shepherd (Jeffersonville, Ind.) and Brittany Gingerich (Millersburg, Ind.) each turned in a five-over 77, while freshman Ellen Wuerch (Fortville, Ind.) posted an 84. Sophomore Devan Smith (Depauw, Ind.) added a non-scoring round of 86 on the 5,844-yard El Campeon Course.

McKay and Shepherd each earned top-35 finishes in the 110-golfer field. McKay finished 21st with a 322 (79-86-81-76). Shepherd followed in 34th place, just eight strokes behind McKay, with a 330 (84-85-84-77).

Gingerich landed in 56th place with a total of 342 strokes (94-82-89-77). Wuerch was 77th after a four-round 359 (90-96-89-84) and Smith finished 94th with a 375 (95-102-92-86).

Williams College (Mass.) earned the NCAA III team title with a 1,263 (319-322-309-313). Wittenberg University (Ohio) was second with 1,281 (323-327-308-323).

McKenzie Ralston from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Texas) captured medalist honors by four strokes with a 301 (74-71-79-77).