Katie Koopman
Class of 2019
Global Social Change major (self-designed)
The 2019 A. Glenn Mower Jr. Pre-Law Award winner
President of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, former member of the women’s soccer team

"I want to be a change-maker. I don't really know where life's going to take me and I don't really know what I’m going to do. But I know that whatever I do, I'm going to work to bring about change because through Hanover and through study abroad and the experiences that I had, I realized that we're so privileged here at Hanover and we're so lucky to be able to have a place like this and lucky to have the support that we do, and that's not afforded to everybody around the world. I've learned that the law is so important and it's what really shapes every action and regulation and protection that we have. So, I don't know where law school is going to take me. I think that it's the next best step going towards that change-maker arena. I just want to do something that helps advocate for people and that brings about sustainable and systemic change."

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