With over 650 acres of natural scenery and authentic Georgian architecture, Hanover College is considered one of the most beautiful campuses in Indiana and the nation. Even though you can find beauty everywhere you turn, we went around campus to track down the best spots to take a selfie with your friends and the best landscapes to snap for your social accounts. Pick out your best presets and get ready to step up your Insta game!

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1. The Hanover College Sign

While we do have two of these signs on campus, the main sign at the Ball Drive/College Avenue entrance is the safest option for a photo op. Whether you’re an incoming student or a soon-to-be-graduating senior, this is the best place to show your campus pride. Strike a pose in front of the sign or on top like these brave ladies. Please be careful if you opt to climb on top of the sign!

hanover college sign with a dozen female students sitting on top

2. The Point

Hanover is known for its scenic view of the Ohio River, and while there are a few spots you can catch the three bends, we recommend heading to the Overlook at Hendricks Hall or the stairs at the Old Classic Hall location. The stairs mark the official Point and where you’ll be inspired to take that graduation photo, but the newly renovated Overlook (thanks class of 2018!) is a beautiful spot too!

a woman with graduation cap at hanover college's point, a family sitting on a wall at the point

3. Parker Auditorium

This iconic building stands at the head of the Hanover College quad with its notable cupola reaching towards the sky. It is the perfect backdrop to your outdoor photos or a great spot to overlook the quad with your squad. Check out that beautiful ironwork H that can be seen all over campus!

students hugging and laughing with parker auditorium in the foreground

4. The Outdoor Classroom

This is the spot to have class during the spring, but it’s also a great place to have a photo shoot or relax in a hammock and take in the view. With picturesque views everywhere you turn, this spot gives you lots of options to suit your IG aesthetic.

a family smiling and sitting on rocks at hanover college's the point

5. The Fountain at the Library

The fountain is a gift from the classes of 1998 and 2008. With a cute bench nearby, it’s a quaint spot to take a moment for yourself and a photo. The fountain is missed during the cold weather months, so enjoy the soothing sounds and summer vibes while you can.

female students sitting by a water feature, a fountain

Photos by Ashley Kress and Laura Gardner, respectively

6. Baldridge Gates

These gates originally sat at the entrance to Hanover, which came up through the woods from the Ohio River. They were built in 1900 in memory of Rev. S.C. Baldridge, class of 1849. The gates still stand today as the trailhead for the Karns Natural History Trails, right outside of the President’s Home. The garden that surrounds the gates serves to add the right touch of foliage to any photo.

female students sitting on a bench and smiling

7. Happy Valley and Buddha’s Belly

Put on your hiking shoes – we’re going exploring! The Karns Natural History Trails cover 1.5 miles of trails from the Baldridge Gates down into Happy Valley. Follow the Happy Valley Creek Trail to the Horseshoe Falls and Buddha’s Belly. Take a minute or two to enjoy the sounds of nature and the waterfalls. You’ll end your journey at Scenic Drive once you can tear yourself away.

a dog standing in nature by a waterfall

Second photo from Hanover College Photo Archives

8. A Hammock on the Quad

Can you really call yourself a Hanoverian if you don’t have a picture of your feet draped over the side of a hammock on the quad? Lift up your Insta game with a photo from within one of Hanover’s brightly colored hammocks, available for rent from Student Life, or you can bring your own from home.

a female student relaxing in a brightly colored hammock on the hanover college quad

a medium sized dog sitting in grass by hanover college's the point

Just a side note: the Instagrammable levels of all of these great Hanover places are enhanced if you have a dog with you. Our campus is dog-friendly, just make sure to clean up after your pup.

Did we miss your favorite spot to 'gram on campus? Let us know what places you tag #ThatstheBeautyofHanover!


Unless noted, photos by Jordan Hartman, class of 2019, art + design major and Business Scholar
Text by Ashley Kress, Office of Communications and Marketing