When she received a point-and-shoot digital camera in middle school, Jordan Hartman ‘19 knew she’d become a professional artist. And with her eye on graduation, she wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

“I've always loved art and photography specifically…I grew up going to all the museums in Indianapolis and stealing my mom's camera to photograph everything in sight. I've always loved art and I have known from a young age that this is what I want to pursue a career in.”

A Westfield, Ind., native, Hartman came to Hanover College for the small class sizes and the hiking trails, as well as the small-town feel. She loves being outdoors and hiking, and it was important to have access to ways to do just that. The beautiful campus also lends itself as inspiration for her photography, capturing the landmarks around campus, events, and portraits for her classmates.

Hartman is an art and design major and a member of the Business Scholars Program. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, where she served as chief executive officer and chief recruitment officer. She has also worked as a tutor in the Gladish Learning Center and photo editor and photographer in the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Pairing her love of art, photography, and museums with skills learned through the Business Scholars Program, Hartman worked at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for two years in the photography department. She says that her internship was the best of both worlds and really opened her eyes to all that she can do with photography.

Students at Hanover complete a thesis in their discipline during their last year of study that allows them to conduct a serious scholarly project under the supervision of a faculty member. Jordan’s thesis focused on endometriosis, a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, and women's health rights.

More Than My Uterus, endometriosis
“I think at this point in my life, I'm most proud of my senior thesis and the work that I've done at Hanover. I've worked really hard in my four years here, and I think my thesis shows the culmination of my Hanover experience.”

Hartman went multi-media: creating a social media platform, brochures, stickers, magnets, and a postcard series to raise awareness, promote proper education, and expose some of the negative comments surrounding women's rights. She still continues this project on social media @MoreThan_MyUterus and plans to keep making art around this topic.

“I'm passionate about art and promoting creativity in schools, everyday life, and society. I am passionate about women's rights and justice on a sociological level, and I use my art to help promote change. I'm a feminist and I hope to make positive change in the world.”

After graduation this weekend, Hartman and her fiancé, Reilly Hester ’19, will be moving to Indianapolis. She will be the creative coordinator for Recruit Rooster, while he will start the anesthesiologist assistant program at Indiana University School of Medicine. The couple looks forward to traveling and seeing more of the world after they graduate; they have a lot of trips in the works.

Looking down the road, she hopes to work in a museum as a photographer where she can combine her love of art history and art.


Text by Ashley Kress, Office of Communications and Marketing