Oforitsete “Ete” Ogor
Class of 2019
International studies major, gender studies minor
Former president of international club, former president of sister-2-sister, member of the Hanover College choir
Future graduate student at Paris School of International Affairs, Sciencespo for master’s in human rights and humanitarian action

"Initially in high school, I wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician. And then, I didn't like the sciences, it was not for me. I found that I really liked politics and I really liked economics, and then I found you can go through the policy route to help people. That’s how I settled on my major – it’s really broad – it has economics and anthropology and history and political science and everything I like. I think every country has cases where women are treated as less than, that's my main reason for choosing women’sdevelopment as a career path. In the international sphere women aren’t represented as much as they're supposed to be. We populate half of the world, we deserve to be represented at every level of society. All these decisions came to me bit by bit."

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