Ian Jiles
Class of 2019
Sociology major
Former treasurer and member of feminist club, member of love out loud, speaker at the 2019 commencement ceremony

"I feel like it's a little bittersweet, it's nice to be graduating. It's been really fun. But it's kind of sad because Hanover was such a pain at times, but at the end of the day, for four years it was technically a home for me. But four years, that's nearly a prison sentence, that’s a president. It's such a length of time to be here - nine months out of the year or sometimes all 12 because I stayed here on breaks. And just to be home so little, to not really see my family…the people I see here all the time, I interact with all the time, become your new family, your dorm room becomes your new weird smelling, poorly air-conditioned home."

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