Uschi Appelt, Ph.D.

Director of Study Abroad

(812) 866-7221


– Shakespeare
– Literary Analysis
– Florence of Dante & Petrarch
– Medieval and Renaissance Eurasia


M.A. and Ph.D., University of Virginia


early modern literature and culture, Spenser, Milton, women writers, historiography, travel literature, early American texts and colonialism


Co-edited with Barbara Smith, “Write or Be Written: Women and Gender in Early Modern England,” 1500-1750 (Ashgate, 2001).

“Ethnographic Economies: the role of cultural comparison in English economic tracts of the early Seventeenth Century.”

“Atlantic history: history of the Atlantic system 1580-1830.” Ed. Horst Pietschmann (Goettingen, 2002) (p.249-262)