Dustin Bailey

Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education

(812) 866-7392



Dustin Bailey serves as assistant professor of education. He teaches mostly secondary education coursework, as well as Social Studies Methods and courses around diversity and special education. Bailey has experience in school administration and leadership, along with teaching a variety of content areas within K-12 schools.

He also oversees the Teaching Diverse Learner's Program, a dual licensure program for general education and mild interventions. Bailey is the faculty advisor for the Hanover College Chapter of the Indiana Student Education Association (ISEA) and the campus organization, Kaleidoscope. He has two Pugs: Atticus and Gizmo, and a Corgi named Windsor. He enjoys weightlifting, traveling to fun places and spending time on his farm.


B.S., M.S., Indiana University-Indianapolis

Ed.D., Indiana University-Bloomington

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

bullying and harassment issues in schools, school legal issues around special education and marginalized youth, multicultural education, diversity and LGBTQ issues, student achievement and GRIT, capacity and teacher development



Eckes, S.E., Bailey, D., Lewis M. (2015, November).  LGBTQ students and teachers: Law, policy and ethics in p-16 schools.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Education Law Association, Cleveland, OH.

Bailey, D. (2015, October).  Bullying in the shadows: the Yik Yak dilemma.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Teaching & Curriculum, Portland, ME.

Ochoa, T., Levy, L., Bailey, D. (2015, September).  Connecting Juvenile Offenders with Undergraduate Job Mentors to Reduce Recidivism and Improve Community Reentry. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Atlanta, GA.

Bailey, D., Williams, K.  (2015, September).  That’s the way things are done around here: Cultural policing in the age of Yik Yak.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Association of Multicultural Education, New Orleans, LA.

Bailey, D. (2015, March).  Reducing the risk: Understanding and reaching disadvantaged youth.  Roundtable presented at the annual Indiana State Teacher’s Association Good Teaching conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Cornell, H., Bailey, D., Coburn, A., Wang, T., & Anderson, J. A. (2014, November). Examining the perceived influence pre-service teachers have on the academic learning and behavior of k-6 children. Paper presented at the annual CEC Teacher Education Division (TED) conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Bailey, D. (2009).  Twenty-something gay men: A comparison of high school experiences. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the University Council for Education Administration (UCEA). Anaheim, CA.


Bailey, D. (2015).  Black in America.  Panel presentation for the Cultural Heritage Master Class Series at Hanover College.  Hanover, Indiana.

Bailey, D. (2014).  Social Justice at Hanover College.  Discussion series facilitator. Hanover, Indiana.

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Anderson J., Bailey D., Cornell H., Coburn, A., Wang T. (2015). Examining the Perceived Influence Pre-  Service Teachers have on the Academic Learning and Behavior of K-6 Children.  (in progress)

Bailey, D. (2014).  Bullying and harassment of gay youth: Retrospective insights of male homosexual survivors of discrimination.  (Doctoral Dissertation).  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

Dustin Bailey