Jared Bates

Associate Professor of Philosophy

(812) 866-7257



Professor Bates joined the department in 2005, after having taught at the University of Minnesota Duluth and Indiana University Southeast. His recent research has focused on naturalism in epistemology and physicalism in the philosophy of mind.


Ph.D., University of Missouri

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

epistemology, philosophy of mind, formal Logic, philosophy of science specializations


"A defense of the explanatory argument for physicalism" (2009) Philosophical Quarterly 59: 315-324.

"The old problem of induction and the new reflective equilibrium" (2005), dialectica 59: 347-356.

"Reflective equilibrium and underdetermination in epistemology" (2004), Acta Analytica 19/32: 45-64.

"Comments on Foster's 'On Tarski's theory of logical consequence: a reply to Bates'" (2000), Southwest Philosophy Review 16: 191-194.

"Etchemendy, Tarski, and logical consequence" (1999), Southwest Philosophy Review 15: 47-54.


Jared Bates