Professor of Communication and Speaking Co-Coordinator

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Bill Bettler was nourished in the small-town experience of Middle America by parents who are both linguists and who placed emphasis on the life of the mind and travel. His natural interest in music and culture has led him to consider the impact of the popular media as a special source of symbol production, capable of creating and imparting significant meaning to audiences when they are exposed to them or simply enjoy them. Bettler's wife, Donna, is the love of his life and he considers his daughter, Christina, is the most intelligent, gifted, and hilarious child of all time. Bettler also enjoys playing the guitar and reading.


B.A., Oberlin College M.A., Ph.D., Purdue University

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

rhetorical criticism and theory in popular media including music, film and television, Jackson Browne, mass media, persuasion, media criticism

Bill Bettler