Professor of Theological Studies

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Mike Duffy grew up in Connecticut and spent many summers and weekends working on a neighbor's dairy farm. He still loves New England. After bouncing up and down the east coast going to school, he was pastor of a United Church of Christ church in Virginia for a decade. He came to Hanover in 1995. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, working out, contemplating collecting rare books, and trying to remember how to play guitar.


Ph.D. University of Virginia, M.Div. Harvard Divinity School, M.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

theological ethics, sexual ethics, theological epistemology, Thomas Merton, Christian theologies of vocation, moral decision-making, great spiritual figures and issues, the Virgin Mary, medical ethics, images of God, hope and despair



Making Sense of Sex: Responsible Decision Making for Young Adults (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press), 2011.

"Atheism: A Christian Response," and accompanying leader's guide for discussions, at, 2008.

"Discerning When to Lead," Clergy Journal 84:8, July/August, 2008, 3-5.

The Skeptical, Passionate Christian: Tools for Living Faithfully in an Uncertain World (Louisville, Westminster John Knox Press), 2006.

Op-ed pieces published in Louisville's Courier-Journal: a piece on conjoined twins, "Ladan and Lelah"; a review of Wendell Berry's Citizenship Papers (Shoemaker & Hoard, 2003), and a review of Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven: A Survey of Violent Faith (Doubleday, 2003), 2003.

"Guidance for Authentic Living in the Mystery Novels of Laurie R. King," 32 pages, 2002. Analysis and discussion booklet for the 88 schools in Lilly Endowment's PTEV initiative.

"Constructing a Theology of Vocation," in Inquiries: The quarterly publication from the Center for Free Inquiry [of Hanover College], 2001, 6-11.

"Vocation in the Modern World: Our Changing Society Compels Us to Think Theologically About Work," in Hanover Quarterly, 2001, 24-27.

Review of Siegfried Mandel's Nietzsche and the Jews: Exaltation and Denigration, in Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, 19:1, 2000, 166-168.

"A.I.D.S.: The Challenge to the Christian Community," in Religious Education, 83:2, 1988, 190-200.

"Nietzsche's Attitudes Toward the Jews," in Journal of the History of Ideas, 49:2, 1988, 301-318. Co-authored with Willard Mittelman.

"Abortion and Pro-life Feminism," a review of Sidney Callahan's "Abortion and the Sexual Agenda: A Case for Pro-Life Feminism," in Biolaw Update, 1986.

Review of Stanley Hauerwas' Suffering Presence, in Biolaw Update, 1986, 183-185.

Michael Duffy