Associate Professor of Classical Studies

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Professor O'Neill has taught at Hanover since 2011, at which point he became the first field-archaeologist hired by the college. His training in Mediterranean archaeology has been supplemented by focused study in the fields of anthropology, ancient history, and classical philology. His interests are likewise broad and wide-ranging, although he has a particular fondness for Egyptology and for the material culture, art, and history of the Roman provinces. He teaches courses in Mediterranean archaeology (ranging from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine era), literature in translation, and Greek and Latin language and literature. His research explores topics such as visual media among vestiges of material culture in Roman Egypt, the role of numismatic studies in the 21st century, and the forms and application of Roman imperial propaganda.


B.A. - University of Michigan, M.A., Ph.D. - University of Cincinnati

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

Bronze Age & Classical archaeology; art, architecture, and history of the Roman provinces; Egyptology; Latin language and literature; ancient Greek language and literature

Sean ONeill