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Gregory Robison was born and raised with his twin brother in northern, lower Michigan near Lake Michigan. Through his studies, he has progressively moved further and further south through Indiana. He still misses long winters and often complains of the lack of snow and/or cold. He also misses downhill skiing, in which he competed throughout middle and high school.

During his undergraduate career, Robison participated in several research projects, including a study of the radiation absorption and thermal properties of bromine intercalated carbon fibers at NASA's Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, Ohio), a study of low mass x-ray binary data at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, N.M.), and a project modeling experimental equipment for muon capture at Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.). He also played for the men's soccer team, participated in mission trips to Jamaica (2002) and Germany (2004), and studied abroad in London, England (2004) and Strasbourg, France (AY 2005). He still fondly reflects on his time aboard and hopes for new opportunities to revisit France in the future.

In August 2006, he moved to West Lafayette, Ind., with his wife to attend graduate school in physics at Purdue University. He joined Professor Yulia Pushkar's biophysics research group in 2009, where he was introduced to x-ray fluorescence microscopy using synchrotron radiation. This technique became the basis for his thesis on the study of manganese accumulation in the rodent central nervous system.

In addition to his research pursuits, he has served as a graduate teaching assistant and lecturer in a wide variety of introductory physics courses. He also served as a member of the Physics Graduate Student Association during its formation (2012), coached the Tippecanoe Tornados soccer club (2006-2010), followed several upper-level French courses, and served in various outreach ministries organized by Faith Church (Lafayette, Ind.). Upon graduation, Greg joined the faculty of Hanover College as a visiting professor of physics in 2014, continuing as an assistant professor for AY2016. 

While at Manchester University, Greg was blessed to meet his future wife, whom he married in fall 2008. They welcomed the birth of their son, Graham, in summer 2012 and their second child in summer 2016.


Doctorate of Philosophy                                                  2006 – 2014


      Purdue University


Bachelor of Science/Arts                                                   2001 – 2006                 

      Physics, Mathematics, and French

      Manchester University (formerly Manchester College)

Teaching Areas / Expertise / Specializations

Upon joining the faculty at Hanover College, Greg has been responsible for teaching

Ast. 165: Stars and the Universe (every winter term)

Ast. 166: The Solar System (every fall term)

Phy 161: General physics I (Fall 2015)

Phy 185: General physics II (Winter 2015)

Phy 225: Modern physics (Fall 2014, 2016)

Phy 332: Electricity and Magnetism (Winter 2015)

Phy 341: Advanced Physics Laboratory (Spring 2015)

Phy 360: Special topics (Advanced Electricity and Magnetism; Spring 2016)


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Gregory Robison