Find your Major

We know that choosing an academic major is an overwhelming process. That's why we made this handy quiz to help you figure out what programs at Hanover fit your interests!

If you had a celebrity professor for class, who would you choose?
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Barack Obama
J.K. Rowling
Ellen DeGeneres
Lin Manuel-Miranda
What word grabs your attention?
You are happiest when you are...
Singing or playing music
Sharing a story or idea
Reading or writing
Persuading someone in an argument
Helping a friend through a hard time
Diagnosing a problem and finding a solution
Which class are you least likely to sleep through?
Computer Science
Band or choir
Health or Anatomy
Foreign Languages
I don't sleep (at school)
What is your ideal spring break trip?
A trip to New York City so I can hit up some art museums and see a Broadway show
Studying the environment in Belize
Traversing England like Shakespeare or Jane Austen
Climbing through national parks like the Grand Canyon
Studying communication in Ireland
Observing language and culture in Madrid
When it comes to your career, you can't wait to:
Find solutions to real world problems
Be surrounded by interesting people
Help others
Challenge yourself intellectually
You have a group project for class, what do you volunteer to manage?
Building the slide deck or props
Project management
Writing the paper
Compiling the data
Surveying people for data
After school, where are you most likely to be found?
In an art studio
Competing in a debate team
Tutoring a classmate
Sports practice
Science experiments
Rehearsing lines for a play
Practicing your instrument
Majors we recommend based upon your answers