Physician-Scientist Diversity Program

Physician-Scientist Diversity Program

Physician-scientists are a unique group of physicians who make discoveries that change lives by impacting diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. These professionals are practicing clinicians (meaning they see patients) but spend the majority of their time in research. Physician-scientists have careers in academic medical centers, within government or within private industry, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, solving some of the most challenging health-related issues.


Who is eligible for the Physician-Scientist Diversity Program?

  • Prospective students who have applied for admission to Hanover College, have demonstrated exceptional high school preparation in the natural sciences and who have expressed an interest in the medical professions will be invited to be considered for participation in this program.
  • Admission to the program will be based on factors including high school credentials, expressed career interests, and an interview with the directors of the program.

What are the benefits for participants?

  • Students selected for the program will be identified to Hanover College personnel who are assigned to assist with the advising for students interested in the health professions, including the Director of the Health Sciences Program, the Physician-Scientist Diversity Program supervisor, and faculty members in the natural sciences.
  • Monthly meetings and/or seminars will be held on the Hanover College campus. Some of these seminars will consist of conference calls featuring presentations by young MD/PhD students-in-training, medical residents and fellows or medical and research faculty.
  • Summer positions in the research internship program at Indiana University School of Medicine for the summers following each of the student’s years at Hanover College.


Female student logging research data
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Successful applicants typically meet all of the following criteria:

  • Completion of college preparatory high school curriculum, with a strong focus in science and mathematics
  • High school GPA of 3.6 or higher
  • Composite ACT score of 29, or an SAT-R score of 1250
  • Minority or female student
  • Demonstrated interest in the health sciences
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Range and depth of extracurricular involvement

*Applicants must also complete a successful interview with Indiana University School of Medicine physicians.

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What will this program provide participants?

  • Focused mentoring in medical research.
  • Summer internship positions at the Indiana University School of Medicine for each summer.
  • Intensive advising to prepare for an application for admission to an MD/PhD program following graduation from Hanover College.

Does participation in the Physician-Scientist Diversity Program guarantee admission to a medical school?

  • No, although the goals of the program are to provide support and mentoring that will help prepare you to meet admissions requirements for medical school.

What if I participate in the Physician-Scientist Diversity Program and then decide not to apply to medical school?

  • Participants will gain research experience and develop skills along with an undergraduate degree which will prepare them well for a variety of graduate education and career choices. If at any time you decide that the MD/PhD track is not for you, you may leave the program without consequences.

May I apply to and attend a medical school other than the Indiana University School of Medicine?

  • Yes. Participation in the program would prepare you to be a candidate at any MD or MD/PhD program. There is no obligation to apply to or attend Indiana University.