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If you've ever wanted to experience college life while still in high school, then Hanover's Summer Academy program is the perfect opportunity. Our respected professors teach a wide range of subjects that will engage and expand your interests as well as deepen your knowledge.

Summer Academy Institute DATES: June 7-12, 2020 CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19 CONCERNS

Hanover College's Summer Academy will be held Sunday, June 7 - Friday, June 12, 2020. High school students are invited to apply. Beginning with the Hanover Class of 2025, scholars who complete any of the courses will be guaranteed a $1,000 book award their first year at Hanover College.

Civil War Institute - $600

The Civil War is the most dramatic period in American history. The secession of eleven Southern states led to the bloodiest conflict in American history. When the fighting ended, the Union had been restored and the great evil of slavery had been abolished. In this course we will look at the military, political, and social history of the Civil War. We will explore the roles played by political leaders, soldiers, slaves, and women through texts and videos. Hands-on activities will include wargaming with plastic soldiers and a musket demonstration.

Engineering Institute - $700
Students will have the opportunity to explore the engineering programs available through the college. Students with interests in engineering, math, and science attend this week long, residential camp where they will be engaged in various hands-on activities. Students will participate in a combined class for tours and general engineering, then separate out into either the mechanical track or the electrical track.
Interested in energy and sustainability? This academy will give you an introduction to renewable energy and have you apply that knowledge by building a solar water heater suitable for use in a third world country. You will also visit some local manufacturing companies and a coal power plant to gain some insights on what engineers do. Finally, you will be given an opportunity to carry out a couple of lab assignments that Hanover College engineering students do in their classes. This will give you a better understanding of what it is like to take engineering courses.
Interested in building electronics? This academy will teach you how to solder (the method used to attach parts to a circuit board), the basics of electronic theory, explore websites that sell electronic kits, introduce you to small computer systems (like Arduino and Raspberry Pi) and get you in the lab to play.

Environmental Science Institute - $600
Spend a week exploring the ecology of southeastern Indiana with Biology professor's Darrin Rubino (Botanist) and Brian Gall (Zoologist). Carved by the ice ages, with rolling hills, forested bluffs, dramatic ravines and the Ohio River Valley, southeastern Indiana is one of the most biologically diverse and geologically interesting areas of the state. You will assess the environmental quality of our local creeks and streams, investigate climate and disturbance using tree ring analysis, collect 400 million year old fossils, learn to identify local animals and plants (and their behavior) and have a great experience doing so in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Using the tools of modern science to study the natural world, the week will culminate in a science scholars' symposium where you'll have the opportunity to display and present your findings.

Hanover Entrepreneurship Institute - $600
The Hanover Entrepreneurship Summer Institute will be comprised of students coming together on Hanover College’s campus for five days of engaging, hands-on, and challenging exploration of entrepreneurial new venture creation.
The specific aim of the institute experience is to expose students to the entrepreneurial process, to guide them through the development of an entrepreneurial idea and then to assist them in pitch creation and delivery so they can present their viable businesses to real-world investors in order to raise the necessary capital for their new venture launch.
In just 5 days, the students will be exposed to several key skills we emphasize in the Hanover College curriculum: critical thinking and analytical skills, active team work and collaboration, problem-solving and effective communication. The exercise will be fun, exhilarating, challenging, but ultimately empowering!

Health Science Institute - $700

Careers in the health professions offer a chance to be on the cutting edge of applying new discoveries in science and technology, a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others every day, and a chance to work in a career field where skilled professions are in demand not just in Indiana but across the country.
In the mornings at the Health Science Summer Academy, participants will participate in labs and activities with professors from several different science disciplines to learn what it is like to be a pre-health professions student at Hanover. Then, in the afternoons, health professionals like physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and pharmacists will visit to share case studies and stories from their own training as well as teach hands-on skills that give participants a taste of what patient care is like in a variety of different health professions.
Participants will leave the Health Science Summer Academy with a better idea of which health professions might be a good fit for them, what college paths will get them there, and what factors impact the health and well-being of people in their own home communities. The Health Science Summer Academy is presented as a partnership between Hanover College and East Indiana Area Health Education Center.

Law and Legal Practice - $600
Thinking about law school? Want to know how to prepare yourself in undergrad? Want to see and hear what the practice of law is like? The Hanover Law and Legal Practice Institute will provide you with the chance to acquaint yourself with the basics of the LSAT, first year law school courses, and give you insight into how to prepare yourself for law school. You will also have the chance to watch a trial, hear from attorneys who practice different types of law, and have all of your questions about law school prep, law school itself, and the legal world answered!

Lights! Sound! Camera! ACTION! - $600

Learn the basic steps to storytelling in radio, television and motion picture. From developing a script to acting on camera to directing a scene to editing a final product, students will have the opportunity to get a week full of hands-on experience in how digital entertainment is made.

Students For Saving The Environment - $600

This program will give students a unique opportunity to understand the fact that the health and well-being of the natural world is something that concerns all of us; humans and nonhumans, as well as specialists in every field of knowledge. Students with a range of interests—from art, music, philosophy, and literature, to the health sciences, the medical sciences, or engineering—will be invited to participate. By sharing knowledge and perspective with one another, as well as by coming into contact with faculty in a range of different disciplines, students will be able to see that environmental thinking and environmental priorities can be built into their career plans and goals, no matter their choice of career. High school students will also be offered a glimpse into what it means to take part in a liberal arts curriculum, bringing multiple disciplines and forms of knowledge together in order to shape and form their thinking.

Teaching: A Snapshot! - $600
Do you think you would like to become a teacher? This program will give students the opportunity to experience various aspects contained in a teacher preparation program so as to get a feel for what it is like to train to become a teacher. Aspects like lesson design and classroom management will be explored, along with different types of schools and how to engage children to enjoy learning. Most importantly students will have a chance to both prepare lessons from start to finish and to actively teach some local children.

Registration / Payment

The application deadline is April 1, 2020. Along with the online application, scholars must submit their most up-to-date high school transcript. A $100 deposit is due by Sunday, April 26. Full payment is due by Sunday, May 10. If a student cancels before May 10, then a full refund will be given. If a student cancels after May 10, the deposit will not be refunded.*

*UPDATE: Due to recent events surrounding COVID-19, we have altered deadlines out of respect for our students and their families. Our application deadline will be moved to May 1, 2020 with a $100 deposit due by Friday, May 15. Full payment will be due by Friday, May 29. Students canceling before May 29 will be given a refund; cancellations after that time will not be refunded.

Once accepted, you may make payments online. Complete the online application for the specific institute above and submit your most recent transcript via email ( or fax (812-866-7098). You will receive an email with your acceptance status along with a payment link.


Will I stay on campus?
Yes, in one of Hanover's air-conditioned residence halls, with meals served in the Campus Center dining room or provided on field trips.

What does the program cost?
The cost for each institute ranges from $600 to $700. This includes housing, meals and supplies.

Where is the Academy?
The academies will take place at Hanover College in southeastern Indiana.

Is there an application deadline?
The application deadline is May 1. Each institute will be capped at a limited number of students, so applying early is encouraged.

For more information email or call 812-866-7020.