Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Awards are given to Hanoverians who have distinguished themselves in their profession, service to their community, or service to Hanover College. The Awards are conferred at the spring Alumni Awards Brunch.

2016 Award Winners

Robert Baylor ’70
An avid student-athlete who played basketball and baseball, Bob Baylor majored in business administration and was a member of Lambda Chi Fraternity. After proudly serving in the Army for nine years, Baylor joined his father in the trucking business and was instrumental in growing it significantly. In addition to volunteering for and holding a number of leadership positions in trucking associations, He served as a Trustee of Hanover College for nine years.
Baylor received a number of awards for his leadership, including the first James Prout Spirit of Giving Award for his dedication and volunteerism with Wreaths Across America. He supported a number of non-profits, and biker friends of his rallied to raise more than $10,000 for ALS in his honor. He did much for his local community and was a faithful steward to Hamline Chapel United Methodist Church.

Bud King ’53
With a major in physical education, Bud King graduated from Hanover and received a graduate degree from Indiana University in 1960. A longtime sports enthusiast, he worked as a school teacher for 37 years, with the majority of those years spent in Carthage and Mays, Ind.
Through the years, many students benefited from King's wisdom and coaching skills in basketball, baseball, cross country, track, and volleyball.
Since 1996, he has served as the President of the Rush County Retired Teachers Association and, since 2000, as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee for the Indiana Retired Teachers Association. Since his retirement, he has woven more than 2,600 baskets.

Phillip D. Scott ’64
A varsity football player and a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Phil Scott majored in history and political science. In 1967, he graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law. He entered the USMC where he served as a member of JAG Corps; he was appointed a military judge; he reached the rank of captain. After his military service, Scott joined the law firm of McDonald Alford and Rozell. He has acted as legal counsel in a number of high-profile cases and is listed in "Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers." He served as the managing partner and later, chairman of his law firm, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald. He led his firm when it was merged and renamed Bingham Greenebaum Doll. Committed to faith, Scott has held leadership roles in his church and has served on the boards of many non-profits.

Nomination Form

Hanover College has carried on the cherished tradition of honoring alumni who have distinguished themselves with outstanding professional and personal achievements and those who have loyally dedicated their time and service to their alma mater. All nominees must be living and not currently on either the Board of Trustees nor the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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Past Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

Established in 1960

Susan Martin Studds `76
Eric Ballenger `81
Lisa Mills Hawker `94

Sam George `75
Richard E. Helton `68
Bixler W. Howland `72

Ray N. Black, Jr. `74
Sandra M. Chapman `77
Jennifer Clark Evins `88

Judith Mayhew Andrews `66
Jerry Johnson `69
David Palmer `65

Dr. Thomas R. Cullison `68
Lisa L. Fleming `82
Wallace R. Yakey `75

Richard Park `51
Philip Hedrick `64
Doug Kurdys `61

JoAnn Brouillette '83
Andrew R. Burgess '68
Richard A Lesh '66

Elmer Geissler '51
Jane Huffman Hayes '83
James A. Lake '65

Stephen E. Olvey '65
Virginia Vogel Riley '54
Richard C. Rogers '58

Joyce Hopewell Brinkman '66
Jerry McKenzie '59
Richard Scamehorn '64

Wade Clapp '77
Mike Pence '81
Sandy Wilcox '66

Kenneth Gladish '74
Thomas Mayer '73
Robert Schults '64

Ralph Gray '55
Peter Kovacic '43
Jim Ward '81

R. James Green '72
Charles C. Hawley '51
Warren L. Prell '66

John Hawley '54
G. Lincoln McCurdy '73
David Ramage, Jr. '51

John E. Frederick '71
Jim Leonard, Jr. '78
John C. Shoemaker '64

Jackie Bennett '80
Elaine Kops-Bedel '74
Joseph Rawlings '52

John C. Trimble '77
Carol R. Bogardus '55
J. Joseph Hale, Jr. '71

Paul W. Kettlewell '73
Paula Jane Hagerman Kettlewell '73
J. Barton Luedeke '64
Suellen Kinder Reed '67

Margaret Ellis Hammelrath '62
James E. Head '61
Carol Warner Shields '57

Naomi Blume Bliss '26
Mary Ella Weber Cooper '32
Gale E. Dryden '44
Robert S. Gettinger '40

Clifton S.M. Egan '73
Lawrence E. Gloyd '54
Woodrow T. Harrelson '83

Nicholas E. Rutsis '63
Ezra S. Shaya '50

Jane Parker Huber '48
William A. Huber '48
Carl Weatherbee '40

Bill N. Scifres '52
Bonnie Fawcett Anders '65

George C. Burkert '35
Wallace F. Judkins '27

Chester L. Alwes, Jr. '69

Janet Favinger Brinkman '69
Eleanore Watts Moyer '42

James W. Near '60

Joan Phillips Leitzel '58
William B. Rossow '69

Lawrence T. Evans '34
Maribeth Gettinger '75
Sarah Morrow Ketchum '75

Judith Moffett '64
John R. Smith '53

Dorothy Allison Sheppard '40
Harold K. Voris '62

Mary Margaret Mills Moorhead '49
James A. Peterson '50
Patricia L. Walne '54

Warren E. Darnell '28
James A. Richter '65

Mildred G. Lemen '52
William A. Welsheimer, Sr. '51
Harold "Red" Benedict '29

Leslie F. Fox '32
Clark S. Ketterman '52
Sylvia Dan Ketterman '52
Jay C. Taff '26

George W. Carson '27
George W. Pheasant '28
Louisa G. Plummer '29
George S. Taggart '30

Louis G. Bumen '27
Frank A. Guthrie '50
Lester H. Munzenmayer '25
David B. Tallman '29

George M. Balas '28
Ada Martin Henry '40
Marvin C. Amos '49
Theodore V. Petranoff '15

Martha L. Bunch '39
Thomas F. Ritter '48
Henry C. Rogers '20
Samuel H. Washburn '56

Raymond A. Bowden '49
John R. Collier '51
James A. Purkhiser '40
William Dana Shelby, Jr. '33
Ann E. Wiltrout '61

Walter F. LaFeber '55
Gordon E. Miller '50
Richard D. Miller '50
John F. Williams '53 (selected in 1972 - given in absentia)

Leona Snyder '31
Edward G. Lueders '47
Thomas K. Roberts '48
Betty Cummins Roberts '48

Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. '63
Roy H. Behnke '43
Thomas A. Katsanis '57
Paul E. Martin '36
Robert E. Wolverton '48

Thomas J. Houser '51
G. Shannon Walker '21 (in absentia)

Thomas B. Polson '52
Emma M. Hill '42
Richard E. Neal '50

William E. Wilson '19
Edmond A. Tilley '40
Robert E. Miller '39
Thomas H. Johns '53

Edward B. Smith '34
Eldon Campbell '37
Blanche Hall Adams '36
S. Clifford Adams '35

Maurice W. Graston '33
George H. Prime '27
Robert A. Frederick '50
Ethel P. Swengel '36

Byers A. Burlingame '21
Daniel E. Lewis '32
Joseph H. Boyer '42

Amos W. Jackson '26
Ralph H. Anderson '31
Wilbur H. Hinds '50

John M. Blankenship '35
Phyliss J. Fleming '46
Harry J. Henry '39
Oren R. Lewis '24
Temple R. Hollcroft '12 (in absentia)

Herman F. Allen '35
Dorothy Breeding Allen '35
Harry E. Wells '16
Wilbur H. Nagel '14

Stanley W. Morse '20
Robert S. Thomas '36

Kenneth M. Montgomery '15
H. Max Healey '36
Julian L. Culbertson '17
Joseph W. Evans 1897

Alumnus of the Year Awards

Established in 1952
1952 Russell H. Fitzgibbon '24
1953 Guy Campbell '00
1954 Monica Itoi Sone '46
1955 Kenneth V. Lottick '28
1956 Harold C. Voris '23
1957 Gayle N. Hufford '14
1958 Ira S. Allison '17
1959 James E. Almond '11