The Hanover College Alumni Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an alumna/us by the College. The award recognizes alumni who have enhanced the reputation of the college by distinguishing themselves with outstanding professional, personal achievements or those who have loyally dedicated their time and service to their alma mater.

We're proud of what our alumni do around the world. You lead in your communities. You create new ways to serve and meet needs. You take what you learned as a student and use it to make things better in your work, where you live and for the people closest to you. Every year we highlight some of the amazing things you or your classmates have done and honor them during the Alumni Awards Luncheon.


David Henderson '69

Dr. David Henderson ’69, who resides in Silver Spring, Md., is deputy director for clinical care at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of America and the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology in America (SHEA). Henderson’s primary research interests probe occupational risks for, and prevention of, the transmission of bloodborne pathogens in the healthcare setting and the epidemiology and prevention of healthcare-associated transmission of multi-drug resistant organisms. He has received seven NIH Director's Awards and two Department of Health and Human Services Secretary's Distinguished Service Awards. In 2010, to honor his career contributions to epidemiology, Henderson was selected as the SHEA Lecturer for the 5th International Decennial Conference on Nosocomial Infections.

marabeth ice levett '71

Marabeth Ice Levett ’71 has been an active member of the Columbus and Culver, Indiana communities for more than 40 years, donating her energy to civic, social and educational organizations. Levett served as co-chair for Hanover’s “Live Our Loyalty” campaign, which secured more than $50 million in cash, pledges, and planned gift commitments from 2009-14. She was co-leader of Concerned Citizens of Marshall County, which opposed and won a ban on commercial wind farms in that county. She has been a member of the Lake Maxinkuckee Association Board and president of the Environmental Fund Board. Levett has given her time to a number of Columbus-area organizations, such as Bartholomew County Historical Society, Columbus Cotillion, Columbus Culture Club, Columbus Magazine Club, Treasure Hunter’s Antique Club and P.E.O, a philanthropic educational organization for women.

Jon Miller '97

Miller recently completed his 10th season as Hanover’s men’s basketball coach. He has guided the Panthers to a 172-97 overall record, including back-to-back 20-win seasons. Under Miller, Hanover’s squads have also earned two consecutive Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference regular-season and post-season titles, as well as two straight berths in the NCAA III tournament. The Panthers’ 2016-17 campaign proved to be one of the best in school history. The team advanced to the College’s first NCAA III tournament Elite Eight and finished with a 26-4 overall mark. Through the last eight seasons, Miller’s squad has registered the highest victory total of any team in the conference (105-39). Hanover is the only HCAC program to qualify for the league’s post-season tournament in each of the last nine years.

Richard Nicholas III '72

Richard Nicholas III ’72 served in a variety of positions during a 27-year career with the Coca-Cola Company. His roles with Coca-Cola included service as chief economist for hedging sugar purchases, manager of purchasing operations, manager of strategic planning, vice president Burger King account team-worldwide, senior vice president Coca-Cola-Japan, president Coca-Cola-Korea and Micronesia, president and chief executive officer Coca-Cola-India and senior vice president McDonalds account team-international. Prior to his tenure at Coca-Cola, Nicholas, who now resides in Roswell, Ga., worked as commodity economist for Clayton Brokerage and as agricultural economist in-charge of hedging sugar, coffee and cocoa purchases for The Pillsbury Company. Before graduate school, he joined the Peace Corps and worked for the Ministry of Economic Development in Botswana. He also served the British government in India, Angola, and Rhodesia.

past Alumni Achievement Award Winners are listed below.

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past alumni achievement award winners

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Richard E. Helton '68
Bixler W. Howland '72

Ray N. Black, Jr. '74
Sandra M. Chapman '77
Jennifer Clark Evins '88

Judith Mayhew Andrews '66
Jerry Johnson '69
David Palmer '65

Dr. Thomas R. Cullison '68
Lisa L. Fleming '82
Wallace R. Yakey '75

Richard Park '51
Philip Hedrick '64
Doug Kurdys '61

JoAnn Brouillette '83
Andrew R. Burgess '68
Richard A Lesh '66

Elmer Geissler '51
Jane Huffman Hayes '83
James A. Lake '65

Stephen E. Olvey '65
Virginia Vogel Riley '54
Richard C. Rogers '58

Joyce Hopewell Brinkman '66
Jerry McKenzie '59
Richard Scamehorn '64

Wade Clapp '77
Mike Pence '81
Sandy Wilcox '66

Kenneth Gladish '74
Thomas Mayer '73
Robert Schults '64

Ralph Gray '55
Peter Kovacic '43
Jim Ward '81

R. James Green '72
Charles C. Hawley '51
Warren L. Prell '66

John Hawley '54
G. Lincoln McCurdy '73
David Ramage, Jr. '51

John E. Frederick '71
Jim Leonard, Jr. '78
John C. Shoemaker '64

Jackie Bennett '80
Elaine Kops-Bedel '74
Joseph Rawlings '52

John C. Trimble '77
Carl R. Bogardus '55
Joseph Hale, Jr. '71

Paul W. Kettlewell '73
Paula Jane Hagerman Kettlewell '73
J. Barton Luedeke '64
Suellen Kinder Reed '67

Margaret Ellis Hammelrath '62
James E. Head '61
Carol Warner Shields '57

Naomi Blume Bliss '26
Mary Ella Weber Cooper '32
Gale E. Dryden '44
Robert S. Gettinger '40

Clifton S.M. Egan '73
Lawrence E. Gloyd '54
Woodrow T. Harrelson '83

Nicholas E. Rutsis '63
Ezra S. Shaya '50

Jane Parker Huber '48
William A. Huber '48
Carl Weatherbee '40

Bill N. Scifres '52
Bonnie Fawcett Anders '65

George C. Burkert '35
Wallace F. Judkins '27

Chester L. Alwes, Jr. '69

Janet Favinger Brinkman '69
Eleanore Watts Moyer '42

James W. Near '60

Joan Phillips Leitzel '58
William B. Rossow '69

Lawrence T. Evans '34
Maribeth Gettinger '75
Sarah Morrow Ketchum '75

Judith Moffett '64
John R. Smith '53

Dorothy Allison Sheppard '40
Harold K. Voris '62

Mary Margaret Mills Moorhead '49
James A. Peterson '50
Patricia L. Walne '54

Warren E. Darnell '28
James A. Richter '65

Mildred G. Lemen '52
William A. Welsheimer, Sr. '51
Harold "Red" Benedict '29

Leslie F. Fox '32
Clark S. Ketterman '52
Sylvia Dan Ketterman '52
Jay C. Taff '26

George W. Carson '27
George W. Pheasant '28
Louisa G. Plummer '29
George S. Taggart '30

Louis G. Bumen '27
Frank A. Guthrie '50
Lester H. Munzenmayer '25
David B. Tallman '29

George M. Balas '28
Ada Martin Henry '40
Marvin C. Amos '49
Theodore V. Petranoff '15

Martha L. Bunch '39
Thomas F. Ritter '48
Henry C. Rogers '20
Samuel H. Washburn '56

Raymond A. Bowden '49
John R. Collier '51
James A. Purkhiser '40
William Dana Shelby, Jr. '33
Ann E. Wiltrout '61

Walter F. LaFeber '55
Gordon E. Miller '50
Richard D. Miller '50
John F. Williams '53 (selected in 1972 - given in absentia)

Leona Snyder '31
Edward G. Lueders '47
Thomas K. Roberts '48
Betty Cummins Roberts '48

Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. '63
Roy H. Behnke '43
Thomas A. Katsanis '57
Paul E. Martin '36
Robert E. Wolverton '48

Thomas J. Houser '51
G. Shannon Walker '21 (in absentia)

Thomas B. Polson '52
Emma M. Hill '42
Richard E. Neal '50

William E. Wilson '19
Edmond A. Tilley '40
Robert E. Miller '39
Thomas H. Johns '53

Edward B. Smith '34
Eldon Campbell '37
Blanche Hall Adams '36
S. Clifford Adams '35

Maurice W. Graston '33
George H. Prime '27
Robert A. Frederick '50
Ethel P. Swengel '36

Byers A. Burlingame '21
Daniel E. Lewis '32
Joseph H. Boyer '42

Amos W. Jackson '26
Ralph H. Anderson '31
Wilbur H. Hinds '50

John M. Blankenship '35
Phyliss J. Fleming '46
Harry J. Henry '39
Oren R. Lewis '24
Temple R. Hollcroft '12 (in absentia)

Herman F. Allen '35
Dorothy Breeding Allen '35
Harry E. Wells '16
Wilbur H. Nagel '14

Stanley W. Morse '20
Robert S. Thomas '36

Kenneth M. Montgomery '15
H. Max Healey '36
Julian L. Culbertson '17
Joseph W. Evans 1897

James E. Almond '11

Ira S. Allison '17

Gayle N. Hufford '14

Harold C. Voris '23

Kenneth V. Lottick '28

Monica Itoi Sone '46

Guy Campbell '00

Russell H. Ftizgibbon '24