Eleanore Watts Moyer Volunteer Award

About the Award

The purpose of the Eleanore Watts Moyer Award is to recognize individuals who have given exemplary voluntary service to Hanover College. In so doing, Hanover also pays tribute to Eleanore Watts Moyer, Class of 1942, who served Hanover exceptionally long and well, from her early years growing up on campus where her mother worked as a dietitian, through her years as a noteworthy student-athlete, and through the culmination of her volunteerism which reached an apex from the period of 1983 into the twenty-first century.

All non-student volunteers - including alumni, trustees, community members, staff and faculty, or friends of the College - are eligible for consideration for the Eleanore Watts Moyer Award.

The Award
A plaque will be presented to the recipient at a public ceremony, and a plaque with each recipient's name will be permanently displayed on campus.

Susanne Talmage Ellman '65

Susanne has always answered the call to volunteer. It might surprise some that she is so involved and lives in Southern Florida. However, Susanne does not let geography interfere with her ability to volunteer. Susanne has been one of our top volunteers during our recent campaign. Below are just a few of the ways Susanne serves Hanover College:

  • Longtime supporter of Hanover College Hanover Fund and James Blythe Presidents’ Club Society
  • John Finley Crowe Society, Fellow member
  • Live our Loyalty Campaign supporter, including the Ellman’s support of the Presidents’ Box in the College's new outdoor athletic facilities
  • Regional Campaign Host
  • Naples event sponsor
  • Charter member of the 1827 Society
  • Gift Planning Campaign Coordinator
  • Business Scholar Class speaker
  • Class Reunion Co-Chair

shannon veach gibbs '91

Shannon has provided outstanding leadership and volunteerism through her involvement in multiple areas for Hanover College.

Shannon became Phi Mu’s chapter advisor in 2005, and also served on the Greek Summit from 2005 to 2006. She was placed on the partnerships committee, which was very fitting, as it sought to create stronger connections between the College, the undergraduates, the nationals and the alumni. Shannon personifies that goal on what must be a daily basis. She has been chapter advisor for nine years now, and has held a national position, Area 1 Finance Coordinator for Phi Mu, for the past two years. She has most recently chaired the Phi Mu Rho Chapter Centennial Celebration with 150 participants on Hanover’s campus on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Shannon has served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for seven years, from 2006 – 2013, including a year as president. Her service is distinguished beyond the normal duties and roles that are assigned to an alum who is on the executive path for the Alumni Board. During the past seven years, she has also served the College in a broader scope beyond the Alumni Board by:

  • Being a member of the President’s Club 2010-11, 2011–12, and 2012-13.
    Chairing her class reunions in 2006 and 2011. She was sole reunion chair in 06, and co-chaired with two classmates in 2011, but was the lead co-chair.
  • Has been a member of the HanoverCAN LinkedIn group that works with students thru the Career Center since its inception in 2009.
  • Presentor at SAND both in 2012 and 2013.
  • Shannon was chosen to represent her class as its delegate for the 2007 Presidential Inauguration.
  • She proudly displays the HC 91 license plate on her car.

The weekend of April 12 – 14, 2013, she welcomed Rho Chapter alumnae from around the country back to campus, as well as national officers, for the Phi Mu Centennial Celebration

Within the Alumni Board are varying levels of service and involvement. Shannon has extended her hospitality by hosting the 2011 Summer Presidents’ meeting in her home, and the 2013 Alumni Achievement Award Selection Committee at her office in Indianapolis.

Shannon loves Hanover memorabilia, and also is the only alum I know who has direct connections with the bookstore’s sportswear reps, and carries her own catalogs!

No matter what the leadership role, Shannon brings her efficient organizational style, her programming knowledge and administrative savvy, her can-do attitude and her pride in all things Hanover.

kevin keefe '82

Kevin Keefe ’82 has been selected for the 2012 Moyer Award based on his record of outstanding volunteerism, dedication and enthusiasm for Hanover College. Kevin served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for six years, from 2005 – 2011, including a year as president. His service is distinguished beyond the normal duties and roles that are assigned to an alum who is on the executive path for the Alumni Board. During the past six years, he has also served the College in a broader scope beyond the Alumni Board by:

  • Founding the Tri-State Club of Hanover College in January 2011, which is based in Cincinnati for Ohio, far Southeastern and Northern Kentucky alumni.
  • Emceeing the Hanover Hearts event in May 2011.
  • Hosting an upcoming paid Business Scholar internship in 2012.
  • Serving on the Louisville Alumni Golf Scramble Committee from 2008 to present.
  • Co-hosting the Cincinnati Pub Night in 2009 (inaugural year for the program), 2011 and 2012, and Phoenix Pub Night in 2010. (He is the co-host who communicates for the group).
  • Being a member of the President’s Club 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.
  • Serving as a member of the Athletic Campaign Committee for the Live Our Loyalty Capital Campaign.
  • Hosting summer sendoffs each year for Admissions. He received the Nick Rutsis Award in 2007 in recognition for his involvement in the Alumni Admission Network and the hosting admission receptions.
  • Co-chairing his class reunions in 2002 and 2007. He was the anchor each time, and also cooked for the Class of 81’s first reunion in the Tailgate Lot in 2006.

Within the Alumni Board are varying levels of service and involvement. Naturally more was expected from Kevin as he was on the executive board, but he also took his leadership to a higher level. He:

  • Was selected to represent the Alumni Board at the first All-Boards meeting and chair the Alumni Board section of the day in the absence of the Alumni Board president.
  • Hosted two Presidents’ Summer Planning meetings in his home.
  • Served as the first Alumni Board Past President to serve an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.
  • Chaired the recruitment committee.

No matter whether it is campus, athletic, Alumni Board or Greek activity, Kevin Keefe strengthens it with his initiative, communication ability, big heart, and natural energy and enthusiasm.

jamie tomes '94

Jamie Tomes '94 has been an active and engaged member of the Alumni Board, but it is his willingness to share his professional expertise that sets him apart. For the past two years, Tomes has served as an unofficial consultant to the Offices of Communication and Marketing and Admission. In this capacity he secured a grant to support online advertising efforts that to date has provided more than $71,000 in support. Tomes continues to provide advice and direction to the College regarding digital marketing and social media.

In addition to serving as an unpaid consultant for the past two years, he has been actively involved in the Business Scholars Program (BSP). Recently, Tomes hosted a group of 16 Business Scholars at Papa John’s global headquarters for a tour and presentation on digital marketing. Unbeknownst to the students, he arranged for John Schnatter, Founder and CEO of Papa John’s to visit with them during the tour. In fact, Schnatter exceeded all expectations by offering to join the scholars for lunch, spending nearly two hours with them in total.

Tomes continues to give generously of his time and talents. He has supported the Hanover Alumni Louisville Golf Scramble for the past five years and this spring led the Alumni Association Board of Directors in conjunction with the Career Center in presenting the first Student Alumni Networking Day.

Lynn Welch Maricle '75

This year’s Eleanore Watts Moyer Award recognizes someone whose volunteer service has been especially notable in promoting and supporting the arts at Hanover College.

Lynn Welch Maricle graduated from Hanover College in 1975, and went on to serve as the director of choral music at Madison High School for 31 years. For the past five years since her retirement, she has assisted Paul Hildebrand, director of the Community Arts Series, with the annual program, Maricle and her husband, Scott, have been long-time season subscribers and contributors.

She is a member of the CAS community advisory board, and has been instrumental in adding several community leaders and supporters of the arts to that volunteer body. Through personal contacts and professional relationships, Maricle has brought four teachers from Madison and Southwestern schools onto the board.

Through her knowledge and relationships with the network of civic leaders in the Madison area, coupled with her commitment to Hanover College and the CAS program, she has raised several thousand dollars in underwriting and sponsorships over the past four years, and has put together many meetings with well-place individuals in order to promote it.

Maricle also volunteers whenever needed at the CAS events themselves, helping to usher or staffing the artists’ merchandise table.

Lisa L. Fleming '82

  • Member of the CBP Leadership Council and supports the Business Scholars Program
  • Guest lecturer in the Management Concepts class
  • Aids with fundraising and helps defray costs for Business Scholar trips
  • Chair of the Phi Mu Housing Corporation
  • Actively involved with the activities of Phi Mu on campus
  • Served on the Homecoming 2007 Reunion Committee

Grace Ireland

  • Former Hanover College Library Employee
  • Continues her work in the library preserving government documents, allowing the Library to serve as a depository library
  • Involved in the Women’s Faculty Club as a member of the Book Club
  • Co-directed the planting of daffodils on the Point to honor deceased members of the Hanover community
  • Plans monthly luncheons for retired faculty members

Lou Knoble

Longtime Hanover athletics supporter Lou Knoble was presented with the Eleanore Watts Moyer Volunteer of the Year Award at the close of the ceremony.

Knoble, a retired high school art teacher and cross country coach, has been a fixture in Hanover's athletic department for more than 10 years. During that span, he has performed such roles as assistant cross country coach, head men's tennis coach, sports information assistant and art instructor.

Knoble has been key figure during Hanover's hosting of the 2003 and 2008 NCAA III national cross country championships and three NCAA Great Lakes Regionals.

He continues to be a driving force in connecting Hanover's athletes and events with members of the local community.

Stan Totten, Professor Emeritus of Geology

Dr. Stan Totten has worked tirelessly to develop the Natural History Museum at our Science Center. It is truly a showpiece of Hanover College! Through his development of relationships with alumni and friends of HC, he has obtained many new collections for the Science Center displays, combining these with existing collections. Dr. Totten often provides tours of the Science Center to alumni, prospective students, and visitors.

An outgrowth of the planning for the Science Center was the concept of a book documenting science at Hanover College. Dr. Totten took on this challenge, and has authored a wonderful book, entitled 100 Points of Light, A History of Science at Hanover College, published in 2007. His work is filled not only Hanover science and HC history, but also the stories of the faculty and alumni who have had great impact and accomplishment in their fields. Proceeds of the sales of 100 Points of Light further support the Science Center's Museum of Natural History.

Past recipients

2002 Doug Burney '73, 2003 John R. Smith '53, 2004 Marjorie Conner, 2005 Bill Griffin, 2006 Chris Wilcox and Randy Master '82, 2007 Pat Nichols, 2008 Stan Totten, 2009 Lou Knoble, 2010 Lisa Fleming '82 and Grace Ireland, 2011 Lynn Welch Maricle '75, 2012 Kevin Keefe '82 and Jamie Tomes '94, 2013 Shannon Veach Gibbs '91, 2015 Susanne Talmage Ellman '65.


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Deadline: 3/4/17

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