Distinguished Young Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Young Alumni Awards are given to Hanoverians under the age of forty who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement, civic leadership, or service to Hanover College. The Awards are conferred during the first weekend in May at the Alumni Awards Luncheon.

Congratulations to the previous winners listed below!

2018 Award Winners - announced sooN IN THE NEXT HANOVERIAN

Online Nominations

All nominees must be living and not currently on either the Board of Trustes. Nominations must be received by September 1 and will remain active for three years. Winners will be chosen by members of the Alumni Leadership Council and President Lambert in October and notified during that time. Once the winners are notified, they will be asked to provide a biography, a color headshot and a black and white headshot. Their information will be used in the Hanoverian and at the Awards Luncheon.

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2018 Award Winners - Recognition will take place on May 5, 2018
Bryan Gabriel '06
Jerod Young '08
Jesika Kuzouka Young '08

2017 Award Winners

Brian Michitti '05
Katie Miltner '02
Catherine Fannin Peel '01

2016 Award Winners

Elisabeth McCandless Edwards ’98
Molly Orebaugh Dodge ’98
Aaron Tobian ’98

2015 Award Winners

Emily Burks Perry `99
John Resig `01
Bill Wilcox `01

2014 Award Winners
Jeff Daniels `98
Lara Hayes Needham `96

2013 Award Winners
Phil Chamberlin `01
Jill Robinson Kramer `98
Lori Helton Welker `97