Hanover College is not The Point, nor is it Parker.

It is the decades of alumni spread throughout the country and across the globe doing meaningful work both great and small. It’s the hundreds of faculty and staff members past and present that have consciously chosen to spend significant parts of their professional careers here. Hanover matters to each one of us and will continue to play an important role throughout our lives.

"My Hanover experience is a permanent part of who I am."

We’re celebrating the unique Hanover connection shared through the concept, “Hanover DNA.” As DNA builds life and multiplicity, Hanover College has continually interwoven new ideas and created a multitude of relationships. Those unlimited combinations of connections and ideas transformed each of you into a unique Hanoverian. You have been rewired by your experience, so that Hanover became a part of you and you became a part of Hanover.

We want to celebrate each person’s role within the DNA, working together as a network, we can create something greater than we could on our own and benefit all!