50 Year Commencement March

As you know, Commencement Day at Hanover College is a time of great pageantry and rejoicing, much of it representing traditions that are centuries old.  On this day, all graduates gather and show the true legacy of Hanover College and its contributions to each person's life.  Four years of college experiences are celebrated in one ceremony and memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

In 2012, Hanover College began a tradition of inviting its alumni to march at Commencement on the 50th anniversary of their graduation, don caps and gowns, to lead the graduating class onto The Point. 

During the 2014 Commencement Ceremony, members from the Class of 1964 that participated were (from left to right):   Cal Brand, Donna Kincheloe Brand, Jon McKenna, Ginny Cooper Ballinger, Janis Small, Ellen Swigart Boso, Dick Beatty, Nancy Harlan Beatty, Phil Scott.

After participating in her 50 Year March, Janis Small `64 wrote:

"As one of the returning members of the Class of ’64, being asked to lead the graduating class into Hanover’s 181st Commencement was most certainly a special moment in my life.  But even more special was the opportunity to return to the campus during the splendor of May and to share with my classmates our many memories of our time at Hanover."


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