Hanover Alumni Network

What is the Hanover Alumni Network?

The Hanover Alumni Network (HAN) is an association of alumni leaders and executives committed to fostering networking and camaraderie among Hanover College alumni. Working closely with the College, the HAN is dedicated to advancing the professional development of alumni and students by providing networking opportunities, and enriching and strengthening the relationship between alumni, students and the College. As a Hanoverian, you enjoy membership in this network of alumni who are the 'movers and shakers' in virtually every field of business!

Networking events are planned to provide alumni the opportunity to develop an informal network of Hanover alumni in the business community, and to support current Hanover College students.

Our goal is to help you:

  1. promote and develop an informal network of Hanover alumni in the business community.
  2. link up with like-minded people from other companies and industries.
  3. meet with Hanover’s Business Scholars Program students to help them begin building their professional networks.

Networking with Hanover alumni and up-and-coming future alumni is a natural ‘win-win’ in developing the effectiveness of your professional network. After all, you already have the common bond of a well-rounded education and shared experiences that make a great starting point in cultivating new business friendships to enhance and expand your professional network.

For more information about HAN, or to inquire about a future event, email Betsie Chilton, Alumni Relations Associate Director at chilton@hanover.edu.