Hall of Fame

Started in 1995, the Hanover College Athletic Hall of Fame exists to recognize individuals who have served Hanover athletics with distinction, either by virtue of their performance as a coach or member of athletic teams or by meritorious efforts on behalf of athletics, either as an undergraduate or in years after leaving the institution.

Selections are made by a committee which represents current members of the athletic department, college staff and alumni. Nominations, which are accepted throughout the year, are judged on the person's athletic involvement while at Hanover, accomplishments after leaving the college (professional and/or community) and continuing interest in the college, service to the college and involvement in college activities.

The hall of fame, which resides in the Horner Health and Recreation Center, currently honors more than 100 individuals who have left their mark on Hanover athletics.

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Induction Ceremony

Nov. 1, 2014 - 10:30 a.m. Horner Center

Hall of Fame Members

InducteeClassHonored ForInducted
Dan Abrell1986Football, Baseball2007
Dan Allen +1978Baseball, Basketball, Football2002
Julie Campbell Beatty1995Volleyball, Track2013
David Benter1996Basketball2008
Robert Bergman1961Football2013
Erich Blevins1972Wrestling1996
Bill Boatman1962Track & Field, Basketball1998
Tom Bohlsen +1957Cross Country, Track & Field1995
Glen Bonsett1946Coach2001
Anthony Brantley1977Football2014
Joe Brunk1982Basketball, Golf1998
Susan Nolting Burke1987Volleyball, Basketball, Softball2007
Jeff Carter1982Football, Track1999
Rick Carter + Coach1999
Peter Cassanos1978Wrestling2003
Greg Clark1973Basketball, Track & Field1997
John Collier1951Coach/Administrator1995
Pete Corrao1976Football2002
Brett Dietz2004Football2014
Ed Deiwert1976Cross Country, Track2005
Sue DeWine President2014
John Dwenger1958Football, Basketball, Baseball1996
Ralph Feeler +1926Football, Basketball, Coach1999
Jerry Fishel1963Track2012
Jon Ford1958Basketball1997
Sandra "Sonny" Foster1959Multiple Sports2009
Leslie Fox +1932Longtime Supporter1996
Bill French1979Basketball, Tennis2012
Mark Gabriel1970Basketball1995
Christopher Geesman1961Football, Basketball2003
Sam George1975Wrestling, Football, Track & Field1998
Brian Glesing1993Football, Baseball2007
Raymond Green +1952Football, Basketball, Track2000
Warren Guthrie +1950Football, Basketball, Track & Field1996
Carolyn Haag1939Multiple Sports2002
Carroll "Tuffy" Hamilton1959Track & Field, Football, Basketball1996
Bruce Harbeson1976Football, Baseball1999
Frank Hartley +1938Journalist2002
Kathy Hennegan1978Basketball, Field Hockey, Volleyball2012
Mary Taylor Hennegan +1930Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Tennis1997
Keith Hill1959Football, Baseball2014
David Hine +1940Football1996
Anne Horner Athletic Supporter2009
John Horner + President2009
Eugene Hough +1926Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field1998
Willard Hough +1925Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field1998
Thomas Johns1953Football2009
Jean Shepherd Jones +1933Multiple Sports1999
Don Katzman1981Football2013
Leo Kelly +1952Coach1995
Gary Kemper1963Basketball, Tennis1995
Dan Kile +1956Football, Baseball, Basketball2008
Richard Kirkpatrick +1953Golf1997
Robert Kirkpatrick1953Golf1997
Stanley "Jerry" Klaybor1953Football, Baseball2006
Bill Klein +1950Football, Basketball, Baseball1998
"Bobbie" Jones Knapke1939Multiple Sport Athlete1996
Jeff Knecht1986Baseball2013
Robert Knecht1987Baseball1999
Susie Knierim + Coach2002
Dorance Kohlmeier +1942Football, Basketball, Track2000
Douglas Kurdys1961Tennis1995
Kirby Pender Lake1937Multiple Sports2000
Dennis Laker1974Basketball1995
Mickey Lamson +1959Track & Field, Cross Country, Basketball1998
Mark Lawrence1986Basketball, Golf, Tennis1999
Mildred Lemen1952Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey1995
Daniel Lewis +1932Football2000
Larry Liddle1957Football, Basketball, Track & Field1995
Arlan Lickliter +1957Cross Country, Baseball2007
Mike Luker1989Football2002
Darrel McFall1953Golf1997
Dale McNeely +1955Track, Coach2000
Randy McPhee1972Football, Track & Field1998
Viola Mitchell + Instructor/Administrator1995
William "Gus" Moorhead +1951Basketball, Track & Field1995
John Morris1957Basketball, Track2000
Eleanore Watts Moyer +1942Multiple Sport Athlete1997
John Muessel1974Basketball2002
Gary Myers1977Football, Baseball, Basketball2008
Dick Naylor Coach2005
Russell Nichols President2006
Marla Oberhausen +1971Volleyball, Softball, Field Hockey, Basketball1998
John Owensby1957Track & Field, Cross Country1996
Paul Patterson1964Basketball, Baseball1995
Terry Peebles1996Football2012
Wayne Perry Coach2014
James Peterson1950Football1995
Jon Pinnick1987Football2002
Warren Pruett +1940Football, Basketball1997
Patrick Rady1963Basketball, Cross Country2001
Gordon Raney +1935Basketball, Football1999
Paul Rockwell +1931Football, Basketball, Track & Field1996
Lloyd "Barney" Scott +1951Football, Baseball, Basketball1995
Norman "Joe Joe" Shires1959Football, Track & Field1997
Michael Sipe1975Baseball2001
James "Smitty" Smith +1958Basketball, Track & Field1997
John Smith1953Golf1997
David Snyder1982Basketball2001
Grace Nixon Sommer1933Multiple Sports2003
Bill Springer1957Baseball, Basketball, Football2002
Robert St. Pierre1970Basketball1995
Raymond "Dutch" Struck + Coach, Administrator1995
William Stucker1944Basketball, Football2001
Dennis Sylvester1959Football, Track2000
Andrew Taff1950Football, Baseball, Basketball1995
Kenneth King Telle +1930Football1995
George Thurston +1951Football2003
Hank Treesh +1950Football2002
Ken Trinkle1965Basketball2013
Cy Tucker1974Coach, Soccer2005
Clarence Van Antwerp +1923Multiple Sport Athlete1995
Gary Vandergriff1958Baseball, Football2001
John Van Liew + Coach/Administrator1995
Larry Willen1957Football, Track2006
Pat Williams1975Basketball1999
Stephen Wilson1970Basketball1995
Phil Winning1970Football, Basketball1995
Thomas Young +1939Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field1995
Mike Miller1969Basketball2011
Kevin O'Donohue1998Football2011
Nick Rutsis1963Longtime Supporter2011
Jennifer Skaggs2001Basketball2011
Kristen Ochs Yaden1994Softball, Volleyball2010
Stanley Totten Faculty Athletic Representative2010
Rick Rosebrough1980Basketball, Track & Field2010

+ inductee is deceased.