There is no risk-free environment. The record for personal safety on the Hanover Campus is excellent; it has been so for many years. But an injury to even one person is too many, and, as in every setting, could happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Thus, all of us on campus must assume responsibility for our own safety. The College understands its role in this regard and is committed to developing programs and procedures that support an environment of well being for the activities of its students, employees, and guests.

Questions or suggestions about Hanover's safety programs or procedures may be directed to the Campus Safety at (812) 866-7175 or to the Vice-President of Student Life at (812) 866-7075.

Emergency Phone Locations

    1. Security Building - North Porch (Red box)
    2. Sorority Row Parking Lot
    3. East of Hendricks Hall - South side of Road (White stand)
    4. Parker Auditorium - South Entry (White stand)
    5. Southeast of Young House - North side of Road (White stand)
    6. Blythe Hall - East entry (Red box)
    7. Duggan Library - Outside Northwest corner (Red box on wooden pole)
    8. Crowe Hall across from Brown Campus Center
    9. Ayres Field Football Stadium - Northwest corner (Red box)
    10. Coulter House sidewalk
    11. Wiley Parking Lot

Campus Safety advises everyone to check out the locations before they need them.

Emergency and Information Numbers

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergencies: 911 (8-911 if on campus)
Campus Safety (emergency line): 812-866-7999
Campus Safety (office line): 812-866-7175
Hanover Police Department (office number): 812-866-2131
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office: 812-265-2648
Madison Police Department: 812-265-3347
King's Daughters' Hospital: 812-265-5211