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We know you will have many questions about our ongoing response to COVID-19 and its impact on you as a student, parent or employee.

Please check back for additional updates. Questions and responses could change as the situation continues to evolve.

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General Questions

Is campus open?

No. In accordance with a "stay-at-home" order issued by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb ’90, the Hanover campus will be closed from Wednesday, March 25, through Tuesday, April 7. All non-essential employees must NOT physically report to work, but may continue to work remotely, if possible. Campus offices will not be open to in-person activity, but are available by phone or email.

[Note: Indiana's "stay-at-home" order ends at 11:59 p.m., Monday, April 6, but could be extended, if warranted.]

See MyHanover more information specifically for employees.

Employees or students remaining on-campus need to self-report travel on MyHanover.

Can I use the Duggan Library?
Please visit the Library’s COVID response guide for complete information on library in-person and remote services.

Can I walk or work out at the Horner Center?
No. In accordance with limitations on public gatherings, the Horner Center will be closed indefinitely beginning Friday, March 20.

Academics / Current Student Questions

When do classes resume?
Winter term classes will resume online on Monday, March 30, and will continue through Friday, May 1. Formats could vary based on course needs and the instructor. Students will receive academic credit for the full winter term with the successful completion of courses. Spring term has been canceled. Seniors who need a spring term credit to graduate will have this requirement waived. Options for underclassmen to earn the credit are being discussed and a decision will be announced when available.

Can students complete coursework early?

Students should regard themselves as continuing, full-time students through Friday, May 1. Instruction and evaluation of students will continue through this date. All scheduled assignments, graded work and attendance/participation policies are at the discretion of course instructors. Early completion of coursework could have implications for financial aid and other related benefits.

What student services are available while campus is closed?
Read this document for Student Life services.

Will student mail be forwarded?
Mail arriving first-class (express or priority) through the U.S. Postal Service will be forwarded at no charge. All other mail services will require a fee to forward.

How do I return my textbooks?
Barnes and Noble will extend the winter 2020 rental due date to Friday, May 1, allowing students to take textbooks home. Students will receive an email reminder (near May 1) with instructions on how to print a free UPS shipping label.

Will the summer online classes be offered?
Yes. The summer online courses will be offered as planned.

Will a larger number of courses offered in the summer?
We are working on making sure Hanover students are able to have the best educational experience possible given the unique circumstances created by the pandemic. We are focused on moving our current classes to a distance-learning model and have not yet explored additional online options for the summer.

Upcoming events

Will we have commencement or honors convocation?
Decisions regarding commencement and honors convocation have not been made at this time. Hanover will evaluate the feasibility of a graduation ceremony once the state and CDC restrictions on gatherings are lifted. If commencement is held, attendance will be optional for all seniors.

Will youth summer academies and sports camps be held?

Decisions regarding summer academies and sports camps have not been made at this time.

What about the beginning of school in the fall?
At this point, the fall term is unaffected.

Admission & First-Year Questions

Can my high-school student visit campus?
As a precaution for the safety and well-being of all guests and students, special admission events through April have been canceled. All on-campus visit opportunities including individual, group and senior overnight visit opportunities are currently suspended through May 15.

However, our new virtual visit option is available.

What about my incoming student's LEAP session?
Learn, Engage and Prepare (LEAP) sessions will be held online April 18, May 2 and May 28. The April 18 and May 2 sessions will begin 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The May 28 session will begin at 7 p.m.

Financial credits and refunds

Will I receive a credit for unused room and board?
Yes, a partial credit will be issued. Students who live on campus and have a residential meal plan will a receive a 25% account credit for these charges. Hanover does not impose an extra charge for room and board for spring term, so there is no need to issue a credit. Residents of Greek housing should consult their house corporation leaders. Students should note that receiving a credit may change the terms of your financial aid. Students may elect to have their credit balance returned to their respective loan lenders by emailing the request to

Will I receive a refund on my tuition for Winter and Spring Terms?
No, tuition will not be refunded. Students will be able to complete their Winter Term classes via distance learning and will receive full academic credit for their courses. Hanover does not impose an extra charge for tuition for spring term, so there is no need to issue a refund.

What about course and laboratory fees?
Credits will be placed on student accounts for all spring-term course and laboratory fees.

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