fall term is underway

Updated August 24

Hanover College's 2020-21 academic year began Monday, August, 24, with a combination of in-person, classes on campus, virtual courses and a blend of the two formats.

Hanover’s return to on-campus instruction continues to be informed by national, state and local officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. Using a strategic, measured approach, protocols are in development to support three broad areas areas, including health and safety of the campus community, academic success and student life and experience.

Health and Safety

To better equip the College to handle potential community health issues, Hanover’s health and safety protocols will include:

  • expanded opportunities to address mental and physical health needs through a partnership with TimelyMD, a telehealth provider.
  • relocation of Health Services to a less-congested campus location.
  • development of procedures for testing, quarantine and isolation (if needed).
  • modified dining arrangements through Parkhurst Dining, Hanover’s food-service provider, to support food-safety and enable social distancing.
  • requirement of face-coverings or other personal protective equipment in common areas.
  • installation of protective shields/barriers for customer service/transaction locations and additional hand-sanitizer stations throughout campus.
  • enhanced disinfectant protocols, including a disinfectant specialist, provided through WFF Facility Services, the College’s custodial contractor, to ensure all campus and high-traffic areas are regularly and thoroughly disinfected.
  • staggered campus move-in days with a requirement for face-coverings.
  • suspended study-abroad courses for the fall term.


The August 24 starting date, two weeks earlier than the College's traditional Labor Day beginning to the academic year, will allow flexibility for face-to-face instruction to be completed by Thanksgiving.

To help ensure the academic success of its students, Hanover's academic protocols will include:

  • requirement of face-coverings or other personal protective equipment in all face-to-face classes.
  • requirement of social distancing indoors and during face-to-face classes.
  • faculty training for enhanced online instruction capabilities.

Campus Life and Experience

The College is committed to providing a memorable, on-campus experience for its students to the extent possible with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hanover's effort to support student life and a "real" campus experience include:

  • housing arrangements and protocols to maximize togetherness that prioritizes student health and safety.
  • creative social activities that will enable student interaction while maintaining adequate physical distancing.
  • innovative virtual events to keep students connected and safe.
  • safe intercollegiate athletic programs in coordination with the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

CDC Covid-19 Resources

Learn more about COVID-19 at the Center for Disease Control website.


General Questions

Back to Hanover

Hanover's plans for the multifaceted aspects of face-to-face learning on a residential campus are summarized in the College's "Back to Hanover" guide.

Is campus open to the public?

Many campus offices are open for limited operation and staffed with on-site personnel. Please note that appointments are requested for all in-person activity. The College's staff members continue to be available by email and phone.

Employees or students remaining on-campus need to self-report travel on MyHanover. See MyHanover for more information specifically for employees.

Are face coverings required on campus?

Yes. All students, employees, contractors and visitors should wear a face covering when entering, traveling through or using common spaces, hallways and restrooms in buildings where person-to-person contact may occur. [CDC mask guidelines and instructions]

What types of face coverings are permissible?

Make sure your cloth face covering:

  • fits snugly, but comfortably, against the side of the face
  • completely covers the nose and mouth
  • is secured with ties or ear loops or around the back of the head or neck
  • includes multiple layers of fabric
  • allows for breathing without restriction
  • can be laundered and machine-dried without damage or change to shape

Neck gaiters and homemade face coverings are allowed if they meet the above criteria. Bandanas (tied around the head) and masks with valves are not allowed.

Can I use the Duggan Library?
At this time, the Duggan Library is only open to College employees by appointment. Please visit the Library’s COVID response guide for complete information on library in-person and remote services.

Can I use the Horner Center?
At this time, the Horner Health and Recreation Center is only open to students and College employees.

Admission & First-Year Questions

Can my high-school student visit campus?
Yes! On-campus admission visits are available on a limited basis. Appointments are required and all visitors are asked to wear a mask in accordance with campus policy. Schedule a visit.

Currently, our new virtual visit option is available.

Can my incoming first-year student have a vehicle?

Yes! First-year students are allowed to bring a vehicle to campus. Parking restrictions apply. Contact Campus Safety for details.

Academics / FINANCIAL Questions

When do classes start?
Classes started August 24. The College is conducting in-person, online and hybrid classes. In addition, task-oriented groups continue to hone operational plans for a variety of possible scenarios dictated by the pandemic.

Do online classes cost the same as face-to-face?

Yes. This fall, the charge for remote and face-to-face classes is the same. Please note, some courses may combine online and in-person elements in a blended or hybrid format to promote distancing and safety.

How do I apply for CARES Act funds?
At this time, the program impacts only currently enrolled students, including those who recently completed their senior year. Messages have been sent to all eligible students regarding where and how to apply.

Is the Levett Career Center open?
The Levett Career Center staff members and services are available on- and off-campus. Schedule an appointment via Handshake, email careercenter@hanover.edu, or call (812) 866-7127 for career assistance.