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Messages of support

  • "Stay safe everyone! Keep in touch with loved ones, reconnect with old friends. I'm here in San Diego, and can at least go out for walks, keeping my distance! Seeing the picture of the river from the Point is very calming, and brings back a flood of happy memories!" -Jane Keller, class of 1963
  • "This is a time when being a member of a long standing community with strong shared values can provide a strong source of support and belief that we will collectively survive and be even better for having experienced this crisis." -John Shoemaker, class of 1964
  • "I remember how it felt to have an extended Spring Break in 1974 after the tornado and then arriving on campus to see all those beautiful trees like matchsticks laying on the hillside. All that to say that this, too, shall pass. Hanoverians are strong!" -Geney Peelle Heaton, class of 1976
  • "Hanover, for me, is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Hold it close in your hearts." -Anita Tyler, class of 1977
  • "'Opportunity (Destiny) is a matter of Choice, not Chance' -Wm Jennings Bryan...I learned this quote as a Hanover senior. It is apropos today. We must take this time of setback and look for the opportunity that will grow out of it. Make the Choice to pursue opportunity. Don't leave it to Chance. Hanover has equipped us to understand and act on this message." -John C. Trimble, class of 1977
  • "Don't forget that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations... Persevere Hanover students, faculty, administration and alumni! There are so many people out here rooting for you." -Michelle Jarboe, class of 1986
  • "This too shall pass. Be strong." -Leslie Parker, class of 1989
  • "'Carpe Diem' is a thought I was sent to Hanover with, from my high school English teacher. His focus was not that we didn't look to the future, but that we do seize each day. I hope all Hanoverians take time to look for the joy in each day, both now and moving forward from this point. Prayers for each of you and your friends and families. -Tonja Kemp Brading, class of 1990
  • "Hanoverians have a long history of resilience. Remember that we have faced wars, natural disasters, financial uncertainty, and even other pandemics through the past 193 years. Yet Hanover pushes on and asks the same from its family of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our Hanover family will keep fighting, remaining "discouraged never" despite many challenges. As current students, know we, your Hanover family, are thinking of you and sending our best wishes to you as you carry on the tradition of hard work and resilience." -Heather McDonald, class of 1996
  • "I can only imagine how difficult it has been for Hanover students to have to pack up and move early this year. For those of you who had to leave your friends, your classes, and your professors, I am so sorry. Please know that we are with you in spirit, and your Hanover friendships will be with you long after this trying experience. My friends from HC and I continue to check in with each other on a regular basis even in good times, and right now we are maintaining lots of contact through all sorts of technological means. And it's been more than 20 years since I graduated. Please know that all of your fellow Hanoverians are thinking of you and supporting you (and each other) during this time." -Dawn Doup-Pandit, class of 1998
  • "Americans greatness comes from our generosity, courage, spirit, and willingness to see past ourselves to help those around us. We will get through this pandemic by supporting and loving one another. I know many students are missing pivotal moments in their education. That is an unfortunate sacrifice during these times. Please know that I support you in spirit and if there is ever anything I can do for you, I am more than willing to help." -Samantha Cornett-Couch, class of 2010
  • "To my fellow Hanoverians...I wish you all health, safety, peace, and confidence. Things will get better and we will once again return to a new normal. I spoke with an international alum this morning and exchanged emails with a former professor who also lives abroad. We are a big family and we are all in this together. God bless!" -Chuck Summers, class of 2010
  • "As human beings and as Hanoverians, we have all the wisdom, strength, and ability to overcome the challenges we face, now and in the future. Stay safe and keep helping and loving each other!" -Alexis Lynn Litz, class of 2015
  • "Hanover will always be in my heart. No matter what, students should know that the faculty and staff are there to help and support you. It is truly a very special place. Stay safe so you can return to this magical place where everyone will be waiting for you. I miss all of you and all the faculty and staff who work so hard on your behalf." -Sue DeWine, Hanover College President 2007-2015

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