Origins of the project

In 1995, members of the Class of 1967 met to discuss a way to recognize twenty-nine classmates who had met early deaths. They sought a special area of the campus that would honor their classmates in an enduring way and enhance the beauty of the Hanover campus. The result is a beautiful Memorial Wall and Garden located opposite the President’s home. A low limestone wall stretches from the entrance to the historic natural history trail halfway to Hendricks Hall. Next to the wall is a garden area, with plantings and benches, which encircles the historic Baldridge Columns, the original entrance gate to the College. This provides a quiet place for alumni and friends to pause and reflect.

The opportunity to honor a friend or loved one

The class of 1967 conceived the Memorial Wall and Garden to serve all Hanoverians, in addition to recognizing the initial twenty-nine. A fund for ongoing maintenance and the eventual expansion of the wall has also been established.

New names may be added to the Memorial Wall by making a charitable contribution of $500. Such gifts will allow the name of a friend or loved one to be engraved on the limestone wall while also contributing to the fund for maintenance and expansion. Alumni and friends of the College are eligible to be listed.

Memorial benches & Swings

A permanent bench or swing provides a functional option while lending to the quaint setting of Hanover College. Both have proved very popular locations for students to study while providing an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the campus.

A charitable contribution of $5,000 covers the expense of the bench and the engraving of a special message.

A charitable contribution of $3,500 covers the expense of the swing and the etching of a special message on the seat.

Memorial Trees

Planting a tree to remember a loved one adds to the campus beauty while also memorializing a loved one or friend of Hanover College. Hanover will work with you to establish an appropriate location and tree to honor or memorialize someone. In addition to the tree, a bronze plaque will mark the location with a special message. A charitable contribution of $1,000 allows the college to acquire the tree and the brass marker plaque.

How to add a name to the wall

To have the name of a friend or loved one added to the wall, send your gift to the Memorial Garden and Wall Fund, Attention: Kevin Berry, 517 Ball Drive, Hanover College, Hanover, IN 47243-0108. Gifts from several sources or a pooled fund-raising effort among friends is also possible, in order to reach the $500 level for inscription. All gifts are tax deductible and meet all other criteria for donor clubs and alumni giving programs.

Each name entry can include the individual’s full name and class year. For further information, contact Kevin Berry ’90, Director of Planned Giving and Stewardship, at 800-213-2179, ext. 6813 or at

For more information about memorial options, please contact:

Kevin H. Berry ’90, Office of Individual Philanthropy
Phone: 812.866.6813
Email: berry@hanover.
517 Ball Drive, Hanover, IN 47243-0108