When you choose to support Hanover College through your contributions, you express your own values and vision. You may support the College's broader mission, or you may decide to give to a department or program that personally resonates with you. We invite you to explore all the ways you may direct your gift and all the levels of giving available to you. Know that you are an important partner in building our future.

  • Impact Hanover Fund: Introduced in 2015 by President Lake Lambert, this new fund brings your investment to life by supporting students with scholarships, by changing the educational landscape with new teaching and learning tools, and by fostering innovation across the campus. Your gift to the Impact Hanover Fund supports directly student success.
  • Panther Club: Introduced in 2015 by President Lake Lambert, this new fund supports the fine tradition of athletics at Hanover College. The Panther Club's sole purpose is to provide additional financial assistance to our Athletics Department for our students, our coaches, and our teams. With your support, we will promote the championship spirit of Hanover Athletics.
  • The Hanover Fund: This is an unrestricted annual fund, which provides support to the areas of greatest need.
  • Annual Named Scholarships: We will work with you to establish an annual, named scholarship. This giving opportunity requires a commitment of a minimum of three years with a set amount each year. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the Vice President of Advancement, Melba Rodriguez, at or at 812-866-7011.
  • Endowments: An endowment is a sizable fund of money invested by Hanover College to produce interest income. The principal investment remains untouched, while the annual interest earned supports a variety of purposes, including student scholarships, faculty support and college-wide programs and activities. Your endowed gift makes a difference every year as it grows over time. Learn more about creating and supporting endowments.
  • Program / Department Support: You can direct your gift to support a particular department or program. When you make your gift, provide the name and/or description of the program or department.
  • Buildings and Grounds: One of the College's most important features is its impressive architecture and the beauty of its campus. Maintaining these assets requires significant investments every year. Your support will help us ensure that one of our most distinctive features remains vibrant and attractive.
  • Corporate Support and Sponsorships: There are many areas within Hanover College, which intersect with the corporate community–from our athletic teams to our community arts programming to our academic programs. We invite our corporate friends to investigate the options available for partnership and sponsorship. Please contact the Vice President for Advancement, Melba Rodriguez, at 812-866-7011 or at
  • Planned Giving: Wills, Bequests, Insurance Policies, Charitable Gift Annuities, and Charitable Remainder Trusts: These types of gifts provide inspiring and flexible ways to make your gift to Hanover College. Some options can provide you with annual income. Many planned giving vehicles can reduce your taxes. Above all, they provide options that allow you to make a gift larger than you may have thought possible. To discuss planned giving options, please contact the Senior Director of Individual Philanthropy, Kevin Berry, at 812-866-6813 or at
  • Panther Philanthropy Committee: On-campus student group promoting the love of Hanover college through pride, service and giving back.