Classical Studies

The great questions last. Questions about society, government and culture that occupied the great minds of Plato and Socrates are still important issues today in modern society. The classical studies curriculum focuses on ancient cultures, such as those of Greece and Rome, and explores how they are still vital and relevant today. Students interested in pursuing politics, law, arts, communications and social science find the classical studies curriculum to be a rich foundation. Hanover’s highly specialized faculty includes experts in Latin literature, Greek languages, mythology, theology and early Christianity.

Choose your own path

The interdepartmental nature of the classical studies program allows students  to choose their own paths, depending on their own interests, skills and career plans. Each student is required to learn a language, but can select a focus from a variety of other areas of studies, including: 

  • Classical literature
  • Ancient history 
  • Ancient philosophy 
  • History of early Christianity 
  • Combinations of these and other subjects

What do classical studies majors study?

  • Greek or Latin 
  • Other topics of interest, from mythology to ancient epic to Greek archaeology 
  • The major is interdisciplinary; it deals with multiple aspects of the Greco-Roman world. Literature, history, philosophy, early Christianity, art, archaeology, and anthropology are all relevant subjects. Students with any of these interests can focus their major and Independent Study to suit their own interests.

  Graduate school placements have included:

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Tufts University  
  • Indiana University School of Education
  • Indiana University School of Library & Information Science
  • University of Toledo

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